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insert a quick disconnect tool into the coupler , the same tool you would use to disconnect fuel lines.

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Q: How do you disassemble the hydraulic clutch coupler on the transmission of a 1993 Ford Explorer when the plastic slide is gone?
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How do you remove the clutch cable from a 2000 S-10 internal slave cylinder so I can drop the transmission?

At the point where the hydraulic line enters the housing you should see a plastic collar. Pull out (or in, I forget) on the collar and it will release the line. Think of it as a quick release coupler. Once released, the coupler will close off the fluid from draining out.

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50% Coupler :D

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At pilot light, where pilot light flame goes directly onto thermo coupler.

How do you replace the fuel line on a '91 Explorer ohv v6?

you need a tool to disengage the springs inside the coupler, then the lines will pull apart. you can find the tool for around $5.00

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The ball hitch and coupler must be the same size.

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is the lines on the thermal coupler and pilot light for a hot water heater supposed to get hot

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Why doesn't the coupler stayed closed on my model train?

I would suspect that the coupler doesn't stay closed because the spring that holds it closed is either broken or missing.

How do you get the line off the slave cylinder for a 1994 Mazda B3000?

follow the clutch line down to the trans and there is a coupler that is about twice the size of the line and there is a little greyish white ring on the line side pused it squarely towards the coupler till it is all the way in the coupler then pull the line out

What is the difference between attenuation and insertion loss?

In CATV system, insertion loss define as loss in directional coupler or TAP connector. typically 1 dBuv, while attenuation is generally describe as loss in transmission (splitter).

What is a UTP coupler?

A UTP coupler is a small block to which you can connect two UTP cables to form a longer one. Handy if you have 2 short cables but need a long one.

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I wouldn't think so. The uhf coupler is made NOT to pass vhf freqs. The transmitter and the coupler are made to operate in different bands.

How do you replace coupler in my gtp grand prix 98?

empty the oil out of it then remove the bolts from the nose. i believe there is 13 of them but not sure. then carefully slide it off. remove the coupler. then replace the coupler. line up the holes and reattach the nose. replace the bolts and tighten them down. fill up the supercharger oil.

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