How do you disconnect transmission cooler lines with quick connect on 05 Chevrolet Cobalt?

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How do you reconnect hydraulic clutch lines quick disconnects?

The hydraulic clutch line reconnects by just pushing it into the connection it came out of on the slave cylinder. You should hear a click when it is in place. The clutch will not depress if the line is not fully inserted into the slave cylinder. There are little metal "fingers" inside of the connect ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the quick connect on the transmission line?

there is a tool yo do it or you can use a very small screwdriver to pull the retaining wire out. be carefull not to bend it so much that it permanitly distorts. then the line just pulls out. all the wire does is hold the line in place there is a bulge in the line that it catches on then an o-ring th ( Full Answer )

How do you change transmission cooler lines on 1992 Pontiac Bonneville?

Answer . \nI am guessing that your lines are the old aluminum style unless they have been changed already, with after market rubber heat resistant hoses. either way, if you are going to do it yourself, when you go to purchase new lines, I would recommend Auto Zone, if youhave one in your area, ( Full Answer )

How do you disconnect the transmission lines to the radiator of a 1996 Dodge ram pick up?

If you are talking about the quick disconnect style of fittings (no threaded connections) the fitting is removed by pushing on a circular ring around the tube at the fitting connection. You can buy a special plastic ring release tool from Harbor Freight or most auto part stores fairly cheap. The rin ( Full Answer )

How do you disconnect quick connect fuel lines?

Usually, the line feeding the recepticle has a collar that simply slips back away from the recepticle (You may have to push the line forward and then pull back on the collar.) Then it should release.

How do you remove fuel line quick connect retaining clips?

what you do is EASILY pull the hose and the retaining clip together ( like you are putting the hose back on the clip) when the hose is as far as it will go you have to squeeze the 2 white or grey retaining clip together. at the same time slowly slide the hose off. Make sure the clips are in ( Full Answer )

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line?

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line? It depends on the type that is used. There appear to be at least 5 different kinds but the one used on Saabs needs a GM disconnect tool that you can purchase from Harbor Freight or Autozone for under $10 bucks. The Saab quick connect has a rubber sto ( Full Answer )

How do you disconnect a quick connect water line?

hold the washer at the end of the coupling (use a tool if necessary) - push it inwards (opposite to the direction you want the water line you want to come out towards) and pull out the water line. That's it..

How replace 2000 Jimmy 4x4 transmission cooler lines?

The transmission lines on a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4x4 are replaced bydisconnecting the lines at the radiator and then the side of thetransmission. They are then removed from the bottom of the vehicleand new lines put in place.

How do you disconnect a quick connect on a price pfister kitchen faucet?

Hard to answer wihout a picture, but there is a sleeve on the quick connect, that appears to be plastic, you can push it in to the larger metal body (?) with your finger. It may be a bit tight at first, but if you try to wiggle the spray or other hose a bit, that may make it easier to push in. Onc ( Full Answer )

Does the lower transmission cooler line on a 2000 Impala with 3.8 liter engine and radiator with quick connects require a seal or Oring be installed on the tube before sliding into the quick connect?

If it is similar to the 2003 Bonneville with the 3.8L engine, then the answer is no. There is an O-ring inside of the quick disconnect, about 1/8" beyond the flare face that the tube pushes up against. You'll notice that there is about 3/8" of tubing between the flare and the end of the tube. The O- ( Full Answer )

How to Replace transmission line from cooler to motor?

The line probably goes from the transmission to the radiator. The engine isn't involved in the process of cooling the transmission fluid. Replacement would be as simple as removing the old one and installing a new one.

Disconnecting transmission lines 96 jeep?

You can disconnect the 1996 Jeep transmission lines with a 9/16open end wrench. Be prepared for transmission fluid to come out ofthe transmission lines.

How do you change transmission cooler lines on a 2003 grand prix?

Notice: Allow sufficient clearance around the transaxle oil cooler pipes and around the hoses to prevent damage or wear which may cause fluid loss.. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information. . Position the drain pan under the transaxle. . R ( Full Answer )

How do you disconnect a price pfister quick connect?

The answer is on the Price-Pfister website (Answer ID #833). The plastic collar needs to be pushed down against the Diverter Tee (Quick Connect) as you firmly pull out the hose, pipe, etc. Update: On Pri ( Full Answer )

How do you use a quick disconnect tool for fuel lines?

position/clamp the tool over the inlet flow tubing. hold tightly and push in towards the fuel filter to unlock the plastic clip of the pressure hose. pull the outlet clamp/lock up off and out of the way on the outlet side. perfom same procedure as the inlet side to disconnect it.

Where are the transmission cooler lines for a neon?

The transmission cooler lines are located coming from the radiator on the bottom. One is for the sending and the other for return. The lines are high pressure, just as your radiator hoses are when the car is running. The lines go from the radiator to the top of the transmission.

Where can you find the trans cooler lines and change them on a 07 cobalt?

If you look down the side of the radiator facing the engine, you will see 2 metal lines screwed into the radiator. You may need to use a crows foot or flared end wrench to initally break them loose (they are a metric size). Prepare to catch and properly dispose of any fluid that comes out. Use an ( Full Answer )

How do you disconnect transmission cooler lines 05 chev cobalt?

checking the transmission fluid involves lifting the vehicle andremoving a plug on the transmission, it is quite difficult andmessy if you don't have access to a lift, the vehicle has to belevel and at operating temperature in park, there is a small plugon the side of the transmission near the passe ( Full Answer )

Where is transmission dipstick Chevrolet cobalt?

There actually isn't one. It's a sealed system. There is a cap tofill the transmission directly on top of the transmission. If youneed to check the level, lift the car in the air and there is a11mm plug on the bottom of the transmission. With the car running(Warning: The car must remain running whil ( Full Answer )

How does a quick connect tool work to connect a hydraulic line to a transmission?

This took me a while to figure out, There are 2 different styles at least. The ford style is similar to AC lines etc and there is a tool for this. FIRST clean the line b the fitting. Then you insert the tool which is a 1.5 inch or so round knob with a small notched piece sticking out of the end. You ( Full Answer )

Do you need a pressurized hose for a transmission oil cooler line?

Transmissions do operate with a lot of pressure. Most of the time using rubber hose and clamps to repair it will only be a temporary solution. Use some fuel injection fuel line hose and double clamp each end with some good quality clamps. The cheap ones will not work well.

How do you change transmission cooler lines in a 2002 escort?

I would buy a set of flare nut wrenches. They have an open side to fit over the line so that you can get on the flare nut going into the transmission and radiator. Get a pan to catch the tranny fluid that is going to run out when you break the lines. There are 2 lines going into the tranny and 2 lin ( Full Answer )

How do you change the cooler lines on a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer transmission?

Any work under the hood of a car could be a technical process. See related links for instructions. ANS 2 You should take this opportunity to totally change the transmission fluid. To do this properly, first raise the front of the car about 1 foot, brace it up on blocks (I won't insult you by ( Full Answer )