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if you are talking about in 24 carrot then try to find the bunny ears

yours truly, Skullboy99


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Nikola Tesla is in the room labeled "Nikola Tesla". You need to disguise yourself as a porter to get in.

Unless it is for sale at the Store, you would have to get one with the costumizer. (Did not try Shark Boy on Shark Tooth Island.)

Planet disguise good. Some planet disguise better. Planet disguise by disguising.

Disguise, camouflage, cloak, dissemble, dissimulate, mask are other words for disguise.

The word disguise is a noun. It can also be a verb as in (e.g.) to disguise your true feelings.

The Old Lady is actually the goddess Athena! So she isn't really an old lady, that was just a disguise!

Who is Hannah Montana in disguise?

Disguise is both a noun and a verb.

Disguise an insult as a compliment

There is no such thing as a bassbot disguise in toontown. There is a bossbot disguise, however. To get a bossbot disguise, finish all the toontasks up to DDL. The last few tasks of DDL gives u the bossbot disguise.

The disguise was quickly seen through. He created a disguise that would fool his mother.

Falter is to hesitate as conceal is to disguise or hide, because falter is a synonym of hesitate and disguise or hide would be synonyms of conceal.

Even the brightest smile couldn't disguise her inner turmoil. Halloween is the perfect time to disguise yourself as a monster. You can disguise scars with make up. I had an easy time recognizing you in spite of your silly disguise.

That is the correct spelling of "disguise" (a mask or camouflage).

Disguise in Love was created in 1978.

Robots in Disguise was created in 2000.

He did not want to be recognized, so he wore a disguise. After the loss, the players could not disguise their disappointment.

no because you cannot say that you are disguise you can only say that you for example disguise yourself so that nobody knows who you is a verb

In episode 6 it should be there if you do what i did.

Since he wore a disguise, no one recognized him.

The duration of The Master of Disguise is 1.33 hours.

They disguise themselves so they can hide from their predators.

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