How do you dismantle the stock front bumper to put on an after market bumper on a 2001 Z24 Chevy Cavalier?

Turn the wheel so you can get to the 7mm screws on the front splash shield in the wheel weld.Remove those(appx.4 of them) There is 1 push-in fastener above the wheel.Then there are screws underneeth where the splash shield connects to the front bumper.(appx.6) Then there is a metal brace inside the bumper with 1 10mm screw. Next there are 2 screws at the top,right behind the blinker holding it to the fender. Across the front open the hood,between the head lights there are 4 push fasteners.Now do the same with the other side.Pull it strait forward to remove.Dont forget to unplug the front blinker lights before removing the bumper cover.