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hot water

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Q: How do you dissolve copper sulfate and water?
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Which will dissolve faster copper sulfate in hot water Or copper sulfate in cold water?

hot water

Can 1750 mL of water dissolve 4.6 of copper sulfate CuSO4?

of couse~ can.... even 2ml of water dissolve in 4.0 grams of copper sulfate.

What do you get when you mix water and copper 2 sulfate?

Not much. The Copper (II) sulfate will just dissolve in the water (at about 316g/L of water). Copper (II) sulfate is pretty friendly around water and not all that dangerous. It's used commercially.

Which dissolve first the coarse copper sulfate crystals or the powdered copper sulfate?

its the powdered copper sulfate crystals :)

How do you separate copper sulfate and sulfur?

Copper sulphate is soluble, sulphur is insoluble. Dissolve the mixture in water. The copper sulphate will dissolve, the sulphur will not dissolve. Filter. The blue soluble of copper sulphate will passthrough the filter paper. The sulphur (yellow) will remain in the filter paper.

If you have this chemistry investigation just want to ask how would you determine if copper II sulfate crystals contain or is a blue gem?

Copper sulfate will dissolve in water

How will you prepare copper sulphate solution?

Dissolve the necessary quantity of copper sulfate for your desired concentration in water under stirring. For weighing be aware that copper sulfate may be anhydrous or hydrated.

Which single term is used to describe the mixing of copper sulfate and water kept in a beaker on its own?

Not completely sure what you're asking, but copper sulfate (CuSO4) will dissolve easily in water to form a cool-looking blue colored solution.(The term is dissolve).

Is kerosene dissolve copper sulphate?

Copper sulfate is not soluble in kerosene.

How do you separate Copper sulphate and broken glass?

Well copper sulphate crystals can be dissolved in water so when dissolved you filter the solution to remove the broken glass then evaporate the water then collect the crystals or crystallisation.

Separate chalk from a mixture of chalk and copper sulfate solution?

Filter. The copper sulphate will pass through the filter paper. The undissolved chalk will remain in the filter paper.

Is copper sulfate black?

Copper sulfate is not black. Combined with water, as hydrated copper sulfate, it is blue. Without water, as anhydrous copper sulfate, it is white.