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How do you divorce your husband in Texas?

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Go see a Texas divorce lawyer. * File the dissolution papers in the state circuit court in the county in which you are a resident.

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Husband wants a divorce in Texas Wife does not want to leave her home?

Then the husband should move out.

Your husband is stationed in Hawaii does he still have to file for divorce in Texas since you live in Texas?


If my husband is incarcerated will divorce automatically be given in the state of Texas?


In Texas what happens if your spouse refuses to give you an address so he can be served with divorce papers?

Ask your attorney about suing your husband for divorce "in absentia).

Your husband is in prison in Colorado you live in Texas you were married in Colorado what are the procedures for divorce?

nope nope

Is it criminal to cheat on your husband in Texas?

It is grounds for divorce. Talk to a lawyer or counsellor at a women's shelter. Cheating only demeans you, even if your husband is a jerk.

How to divorce a tdc inmate?

How do I divorce an inmate in TexasAnswerdivorce an inmate in Texas

Can a women file for divorce in Texas if husband and wife had residency in Washington state but women moved back to Texas?

only after residency has been reestablished

Can you get a divorce in the state of Texas if you became pregnant by someone other than your husband?

Yes, you can file for divorce. If you have children between your husband and yourself then you'll have to see lawyers to decide on custody decisions and go to court. Marcy

Can a divorce decree be reversed?

You bet it can, it happened to my husband here in good ole Texas. Even after she defaulted. Imagine that!!

When did Alice walker divorce her husband?

no she did not have a divorce

Is there a divorce policy in Egypt?

Yes, but it is much harder for a wife to divorce her husband than for a husband to divorce his wife in Egypt.

Is a divorce legal if husband was in Military and wife sued for divorce and lied about being a resident in Texas where she filed?

If the wife was on a Military installation as a spouse of an active duty member, and the husband is transferred or TDY , then she can file from Texas if he took her there, If you are the active duty military member , please seek counsel at Base Legal.

In Texas would you owe your husband money for your house in divorce if you owned it for 8 years before you met?

it depends on the papers.

Can your husband filed a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant?

Yes, your husband can file for a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant.

Can you be forced to divorce?

no you can not be forced to divorce your husband or wife

What happens if the queen were to divorce her husband?

No divorce allowed

Can your husband divorce you in Las Vegas without consent?

can your husband get a divorce in las Vegas without your consent

Did Mia Hamm divorce her first husband?

No Mia Haam has not divorced her husband.Yes, Mia Hamm did divorce her first husband in 2001.

Can you file for divorce if your husband left for Mexico?

You can file for divorce even if your husband was still living at home. However, divorce laws vary by state.

If you married in Hawaii and reside in Texas where do you file for a divorce?

You can file your divorce papers in Texas.

What is the punishment for adultery in Texas?

Divorce Divorce from the cheater in question What is the punishment for adultery in texas


Hire a lawyer who specialises in divorce.

Do you have to grant your husband a divorce?

No i do not

What to do with an abusive husband?

divorce him

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