How do you do Olav's Supplies on HorseIsle?

You're going to have to do a lot of traveling for this....

There is the order of terra cotta tiles from Genevieve on Art Isle,

the reeds for thatching from Greig on Horse Isle,

my wood shingles from Cedric in Chillton

and tar paper from Murray on Tail Isle.

So, head to Genevieve on art isle, she lives in the little mini town just above the art rooms.

She wants clay from the rocks around the forest on Rider isle.

[See link for clay locations]

Once you have 6, go back to her. She will give you the clay.

Now to Greig. He lives in Tail forest, on the SE of horse isle. You can always

map him in the library.

Greig just gives you the reeds, nothing special needed for him.

Now to Cedric in Chillton.

As usual with Cedric, he wants more logs.. -.- So, you'll need 10 logs for him,

and he'll give you Olav's shingles. Once you have the logs, go back to him, and

he'll give you the shingles

Now to Murray. He's been an idiot and forgot to order the tar paper, >.<, so

he sends you to Patrick in Ashton. You just have to talk to Patrick,

and he'll put them on Murray's tab, simple :D

Now you have all the supplies, so you can head back to Olav.

You Completed Olav's Supplies! You earned $5000, a Meerkat and 175 quest points.

There you go :D

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