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How do you do mission 2 on clubpenguin?


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December 23, 2010 4:45PM

G. the brilliant inventor for the penguin secret agency. Needs your help with one of his newest projects. What could G be up now?

Step 1: Talk with G at his shop.

G: Hello, welcome to my shop! Are you looking for something specific?

You: I'm here to receive Club Penguin Mission 2.

G: I might have a mission if you can solve this riddle. To find the secret word look near a lively game; pointing to a path with a rabbit in its name.

Step 2: Enter the answer of the word (mogul).

G: Excellent work! Are you ready to receive your mission? Great! Let's get started. Your mission is to test drive my new sled. This is the first prototype, so we have to make sure it's safe. You will need to go to the top of the Ski Mountain to get started. Have fun sledding, but be careful! Get the prototype sled and Go to Ski Hill. Then test the G's Sled.

Step 3: Let the Sled break as soon as possible.

Step 4: Wow that was a bad crash! You awake to find yourself lost in the wilderness of Club Penguin.

Step 5: Collect the useful items.

Pick up the survival guide! This might have some useful information. Find a piece of string from the sled. This might be useful.

Pick three 'O' berry! Find the pot on the top of the tree.

Find a piece of wood looks perfect for a fire. Feed the black puffle with 'O' berry.

Find a broken ski, it might be useful. O berries are great bait. So put the string and O berries together with ski to make a fishing rod.

Collect some water with the pot. Find the Cave, this would make a good shelter.

Click on the scree to make them together. Put the piece of wood and the survival guide onto the pit.

Cook the fish. Mmmm, yom! That was a tasty fish. Put the pot on fire.

Now that the water is boiled and clean, you have a drink. With a full belly you feel a little sleepy.

You are worken up by the sound of something outside.

Red Penguin: I saw the smoke from your fire and came to see who was out here. What happened?

You: I was testing G's sled and it broke. I crashed nearby and decided to wait for help.

Red Penguin: You definitely did the right thing. From the look of it you did all the necessary tasks for survival. I'm very impressed! I will take you back to G now.

G: You're back! I was starting to worry. You were gone much longer than I had expected. What happened?

You: The sled fell apart and I crashed. The survival tips helped, but the sled needs work.

G: I am glad you are safe and finish the Club Penguin Mission 2. I'll keep working on the sled. If you ever want to test another prototype, just come back.

Award: The Wilderness Survival Medal</zzz>

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