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Q: How do you do the coin in a bottle from across the room magic trick?
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How do you do the magic coin trick vanish in the air?


What if the coin had two buffaloes?

It's a magic or trick coin an has little or no value.

What does prestidigitation?

Prestidigitation is magic done with the hands, such as a disappearing coin trick.

What coins do not have head on either side?

A trick coin that you buy at a magic shop, I reckon.

Was there a penny minted with a pound on the other side?

No. You have a trick coin available at magic shops.

Why would a nickel have Jefferson on both sides?

It's a trick or magic coin an has little or no value.

What is a 1944s penny both sides heads worth?

It's a trick or magic coin and has little or no value.

How do you make a coin vanish?

Many ways. Eat it. Do a magic trick. Throw it. Drop it. Give it away.

Where to hide a coin for rubbing a coin into a back of my head magic trick to retrieve it after showing your hands free and clear floor and free body move and no sleeves?

your hand

How about a magic trick?

Before beginning the trick, hide a coin in your left palm. In front of your audience, put an identical coin in your right palm. Now, with both hands as fists, spin them around or knock them together. This may be done slowly to emphasize that the coin hasn't moved. Have the kids guess which hand the coin is in. No matter which hand they guess, the coin will be in the other hand!

How many 2 pence coins would fit in a 2litre bottle?

Is this a trick question, a 2p coin is too wide to pass through the neck of a 2 litre bottle, so the answer is none.

What is the value 10 pence coin dated 2001 with queens head on both sides?

With modern minting processes, it is just about impossible to produce a double headed coin. You most likely have a trick coin available from any magic shop.

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