How do you do the runescape Halloween event 2009?

do to falador and then go south out of there until you come to a black portal.Then go into the portal and speak to death.After that go and speak to the spider in his bathtub, it will say it was sent by the queen spider. Go speak to death again and he will make a portal. Go in it and find a route to the center(it changes eveytime)and then go up the ladder. Speek to the spider and he will tell u to go upstairs then do that and speek to the spider queen. She will tell u to go speek to the other spider again. Then he will give u eek and u will need to go speek to death and put cobwebbs in his house. After you have done that go speek to him and then speek to the spider queen and u will get quest complete. Good luck :)