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Go to create a move-set a giv him spear for finsher

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run towards a groggy opponent with full mometum :)

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Q: How do you do the spear with batista WWE svr 2009 wii?
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Is Bobby Lashley in SVR 2009?

yes bobby lashly is on svr 2009 . I know because ive got svr he isert coz he was he is not in the real WWE

WWE svr 09?

that means wwe smackdown vs raw 2009

How can you unlock ted debeiasie on svr 2009?

you will have to beat Batista and undertaker in a handicap match

How come Chris Masters isn't in SvR 2009?

CHRIS whas not in wwe universe in 2009

Is r truth on WWE 09?

No, R Truth is not on SvR 2009 the Game

Who is in SvR 10?

wrestlers from 2009 and legends and new guys that just joined wwe

How do you unlock general manager mode on SvR 2009?

There is no General Manager Mode on WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009.

Will thq really make new wwe game it is wwe superstar vs wwe legend?

if you have xbox 360 you can burn superstars from svr 2009 to legends of weestlemania

Why are caws on svr 2009 no good?

Very Simple! Its an old game the graphics are not like wwe'12 but it is still pretty fun like svr 2008 for ps3.

What is the difference between WWE svr 09 collectors edition and the normal WWE svr 09?

Nothing but the front cover!

How do you open WWE shop on WWE svr 2010?

click on it

Does batista plays with PSP?

Yes as a matter in fact, Batista likes to play all the svr games on a psp