How do you do yoyo tricks?

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I can't teach you but i would Google yoyo tricks expert village and that helps me a lot. I started as a begginer and now I am a expert

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Q: How do you do yoyo tricks?
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Can you do yoyo tricks in space?


From where to learn yoyo tricks?

What is the best yoyo for string tricks as in to buy ect d.m dv88 ect?

Butterfly yoyo.

Are yoyo tricks able to get people hurt?

certain tricks like around the wold

How do you do tricks on a yoyo?

you can visit or yoyoskills .com to learn many tricks step by may also search for yoyo tutorials on youtube.i hope that this helps.

How do you do tricks in yoyo?

throw ur yoyo down and play tricks I currently am an advanced 1 yoyo player and if you can find a store that sells good quality yoyos (like new breed, metel zero, mighty flea,superstar, etc) they can probably show you some places to learn......if not then i like to go to to learn tricks, just click the tab left of shop that says learn and a vriety of tricks categorized by difficulty are their

What kind of tricks can you do with a boomerang yoyo?

Sleeper, Walk the dog, Loop the loop, ect;

How do you do some yoyo tricks?

there are many sites to learn from but in my opinion and are the can also search for beginner yoyo tutorials on youtube!i hope that i helped.

What are some of the most common yoyo tricks?

There are many common yo-yo tricks that an individual may try. Some common yo-yo tricks are called "walking the dog", "around the world", and "the forward pass".

Best YO YO for a Beginner?

If you are a beginniner, it can be helpful to learn on an automatic return yoyo. With an automatic return yoyo, tricks are a lot easier to perform. An example of an automatic return yoyo is the Yomega Power Brain Return Yo-Yo.

How is Tony Hawk important?

tony hawk is important because he made the world of skateboarding popular because before it was like doing tricks with a yoyo, and he brought us the most sick tricks too.

How do you play yoyo?

I am assuming you mean they toy, not some game with the same name. It's really simple for a begginer, just let the yoyo flow down and then lightly lift your hand up, and then repeat. If your looking for tricks, go to

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