How do you download Pokemon X and Y games?

Go to the Nintendo eShop, and go to the "Pokemon" section. Scroll right until you see Pokemon X and Y. They are both 39.99.

You will first need to be connected to the internet. On the home menu of the 3DS, open the application named Nintendo eShop

You will then have to enter your Nintendo Network ID and password before being able to actually connect to the eShop. After you have connected, you can tap the search bar on the top of the bottom screen and type in Pokemon X or Y depending on which version you want.

Hit search and the games will appear. Then tap the purchase button to buy the game. Once purchased, it will then ask to download now or download later.

By tapping the Download Now, the 3DS will then begin to download the whole game. If you choose to Download Later, just go to the home menu and put the 3DS on sleep mode to download the game.