How do you download android to your phone?

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because some phones are not compliteble to some apps like firefox and also google chrome
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Can you download iPhone apps on an Android phone?

Absolutely not. The Android and iPhone operating systems arecompletely incompatible, much like the Linux and Mac OS that theyare derived from. There may eventually be emulators or conversionsavailable, but they're probably a long way off.

How do you download android apps?

Go to playstore and create an account on playstore. after creatingaccount you can search mobile app with the help of app name,category, keywords. click on app icon and click on install button.

What can a phone with android do?

Android differs from other operating systems in the following ways: . Open-source. The Android platform is completely open source, meaning that the source code is available to the public. This means that it can be modified in any way imaginable. Other operating systems such as iOS and Blackberry ( Full Answer )

What make of phone is Android phone?

Android isn't a specific phone, but the operating system that runs on many different phones. Android phones are produced by many well-known companies, such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, and more.

How and where do you download Google Earth for android?

Several ways to download Google Earth for Android or another mobile device. One way is to visit this URL in your device's browser: Another way is to visit the URL in related links below and click ' Send to Phone ' then enter your phone number to receive a SMS message with l ( Full Answer )

How do you download game center for my android?

One may look to play apps on android for downloading game center. If one has T-mobile, there is a place in the play center that prompts an update for game center. If one does not already have game center, this app update will also install it.

How do you download music from laptop music to lg android cell phone?

I had an LG phone which was able to transfer information to a computer via Bluetooth. Bluetooth adapters are available which plug into the USB port of a computer. The cable which came with the phone may be able to transfer information to and from a computer, as well. If your phone has a slot for a m ( Full Answer )

Can you download the android market?

I dont think you can as i have a new android phone and i cant get it to download. i think you have to buy it! RIP OFF! LOL

How do you associate Android phones to the Android website?

There is no Android Website to be associated with, as such. However, you can link your Android device with your Google Account, enabling synchronisation between your device and the account. This can be done via your device's settings.

What Android phones have android 2.3.3?

The current and most advanced version of the Android Operating system (2.3.4) can be found on the Nexus class of phones, most notably the Nexus S and Nexus 1. However, all devices which run a hacked custom firmware called Cyanogen Mod also run 2.3.4. As of now, no phones still run 2.3.3 because of i ( Full Answer )

Can you download iTunes to a android tablet?

No I Dont think you can download iTunes to an android tabletbecause iTunes is made by Apple? But if you want to download musiconto your tablet you can plug into a laptop/computer using a usb.Download some music from the internet or using youtube converter,Copy and paste it in to your music file of y ( Full Answer )

What is a phone android?

There's nothing named "phone android" rather the correct term would be "Android Phone" anyway an Android phone can be said as a device running Android as an Operating System.

Can you get i - phone apps on an android phone?

This depends on the developer. Sometimes a developer will develop applications exclusively for Android or exclusively for iOS. But you can usually find the same app or a similar app regardless of whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone. As for running an app built for iOS on Android, no. And ( Full Answer )

Where can you download free games for your android?

You can download games from android market or just google them. My first choice is Google Play. There are tons of free games, such as:

How do you take a downloaded them and transfer it to an Android phone?

1)You must first take the phone and connect it to your computer using the usb cable provided when you purchased the phone. 2)Next your device will prompt you to connect to the computer or charge only. 3)Select the option to connect to the computer. Sometimes it may say mass storage. If it does th ( Full Answer )

How do you download apps to your Android tablet?

You can download apps on the market, but if you don't have that then go to google and get the market from there . I am sorry if this dosn't help. It helped for me though !

How do you download android os?

Sorry, Android OS was embedded in the phone itself. Althrough you can flash another ROM of the Android, you can't ( it's almost impossible ) to install Android in an un-native android phone.

Where can you download free naruto shippuden episodes in android smart phone?

Go online and look for an app titled tubemate, you must go to an external site as google play doesn't have it. Once there download the free tubemate app for android. Afterwards open the app, it operates just like normal youtube except you have the option of downloading videos right onto your androi ( Full Answer )

How do you download apps to an android phone?

Go to the Google Play Market (a preinstalled widget on your android phone) and select the app you'd like. From there, just press download and it will d/l and install it on your phone.

Where can you download a yiff app for your android?

the best I've found so far is the Sofurry app which is still in beta form. its suppose to let you chat on your phone and view the furry art they have on there. i cant get the chat room to load for sum reason but at least i can still see the furry art (^_-). id get an account if u don't already have ( Full Answer )

How do you download gamecih for android?

first thing to do is to root your phone you can search it in google it depends on what your phone is second thing to do is download super user or super su on play store and last thing download game cih you can search it on google and i think its not o play store

Where to download free e-books to your Android phone?

there arent too many free ebooks out there. just public domain titles. google play books (android market) has lots of free books. some ebook retailers will give you a free sample. visit their websites on your phone.

Can a Android download Nook books?

If you have the Nook app on your Android and sign in to your account, youcan download books onto the Android.

Can you download android?

Yes, you can download the source code of Android by heading over to the developers section of Android.

Where could one download PDAnet for their Android phone?

PDAnet can be downloaded from JuneFabrics to be installed onto your android phone. Also, if you're having trouble with installation, you can find very helpful guides on how to install PDAnet on the website About in their sub-genre of "mobile office". Or you can add the app called PDANet+ which can b ( Full Answer )

How can one download the AIM client for an Android phone?

The AIM client for Android can be found easily by visiting the AIM website. On the main page will be seen links to various versions, including the Android's. Simply follow the link, and follow the directions.

Where could a person download Shredder Chess for an Android phone?

There are a number of places to download games for an Android phone. One option would be to look for Shredder chess on the device app service. Alternatively sites such as; shredder chess, google play and the android website all have optiojns to download this game.

What do you do if you can't download an app on your Android phone?

If you are in Google Play or Amazon Appstore, and the app inparticular cannot install on your Android phone, it is likely thatit is not compatible for your particular phone. You might be ableto find an alternate app that may do similar functions as the appyou were originally looking at.

Why does your Android phone download speed be slowly?

I download app for app market is so slow,such asmobogenie,google.How do I take it? Answer: Your Android phone's download speed could depend on multiplefactors: your phone's data transfer speed, download speeds ifyou're on wifi or on your carrier's network, the servers the appstore is connected to, ( Full Answer )

How to download paid apps on android?

All you need is to visit the app store (Amazon Appstore or Googleapp store) and choose from a wide variety of applications.

Can you download apps from your computer to your Android?

Yes, but these application packages may or may not be approved byGoogle in the first place. For one thing, you have to be carefulwhen you side load any application package in Android. You candownload from any site that provides links to direct packages (withextension .apk).

Can you download facetime for android?

Yes, you can download the facetime app for your android device. This is easier than you think. All you need to do is download this app from: Regards.