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You can download Draw Something from the iPhone or Android app stores.

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Q: How do you download draw something?
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How do you draw a diagram showing the motion of a satellite around earth label the forces acting on the satellite is the satellite accelerating?

You get something to draw with and something to draw on and DRAW

What should you draw when you are bored?

Draw a circle

What can you draw for a whole week?

Grab a piece of paper and draw something like what you dream of or something

Does the app Draw Something work without wifi?

From what i hear, draw something does not require wifi.

How do you change your profile on draw something?

Go in to draw something frees settings and click account

How do you download things?

To download something you search the internet until you find something do you really need to go on this site to know how to download something

How can you draw convection?

You could draw something glowing hot, or steam rising out of a saucepan or something! x

How can you draw the bigger the better?

i guess you would draw something big that is good and something small that is bad

Can you download draw something on Samsung Galaxy ace?

yes! if u go on google play which should already be on ur phone, u can find it there and on game apps annd download it for free! It might cost something if u spend a lot of time on google play though. :)

How do you draw pictures on a mac?

To draw a picture on a Mac, you can download the software Paintbrush for Mac. You can also download You Doodle or Skitch from the iTunes App Store to help in drawing pictures.

How do you put picture on draw something?

You need to be logged on to face book, your profile picture will be your draw something display

How can you compare drawing and vandalizing?

when you draw on something or someplace that is your own - it is "drawing". When you draw on something or someplace that doesn't belong to you and you draw on it without the consent of the owner, it is "vandalizing".

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