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How do you download fta keys?

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Many people do not understand what free to air keys or FTA KEYS do for your receiver. Keys are simply the manual way of inputting the latest codes in your receiver. Most people have certain receivers or are aimed at particular satellites like Globecast that require keys instead of files. Press menu button on your remote:

#1 Go to parental control...

#2 Go down to "second pin" option & enter 0000

#3 Then go to nagravision and select it by pressing ok button on your remote...

#4 In Nagravision window you should be in the box that is Entitled "Provider ID"...scroll to the right (press right arrow button on remote) until it switches to Dishnetwork (00 01)

#5 Now In Nagravision window go down (press down arrow on remote) to the box that contains "00" entitled "Key Number"

#6 While in the box (highlighted "Key Number") that contains "00", scroll to the right until you see nagravision 2 at the top left of your screen

#7 While in Nagravision2 you should still be in "Key Number" box and the number in that same box should be "00"...this is for Key 00

#8 Scroll down (press down arrow on remote) to key data and enter the new supplied key for 00 (within this site is the key change for Nagravision2)..take note on how to enterletters in the lower portion of the screen (ex. letter E=FAV button on remote)

#9 Once key is edited select OK button on your remote (OK-STORE confirmation blinks twice in lower right of screen)

#10 go back to the "00" box and move one click to the right which should take you to "01"..this is to edit the "01" key

#11 Follow Steps 8 & 9 above (this time enter key data for key 01 instead of 00)

#12 Click exit and click ok or yes to save changes then exit all the way out and you should be watching tv

Note: For Bev keys, at step #4 change Provider ID to 09 - 01

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