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How do you download games on i Pod without credit card?


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get a iTunes gift card

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yes u an download it without credit card i already did it lol......

You can't download games without iTunes because you have to use your iTunes gift card or you can your credit card and social code otherwise you can't get a game for free

the website you can go to to download music without a credit card is napster

No, if you get them from Google Play you do not need a credit card.

Yes, games can be downloaded from the Wii U's eShop. You need an internet connection and money (which comes from either a credit card or a special pre-paid card) to download the games.

It is impossible to Travel to Paris, France without a Credit Card or to reserve a Hotel without a Credit Card?

You can buy Wii Points with a credit card or redeem them from a code on a Wii Points card.

Video rental stores, movie theaters etc.

The LimeWire software can be downloaded free of charge from their download page (See links below).

free music downloads without credit card

Yes you can transfer a credit card without a job..................vcklhjhiughjkghgja

you enter your apple id and password and it should and the app should download.

I suppose you could download them off a website, and then transfer them onto your iPod after they are downloaded.

No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

A person can download PS3 games straight to their console via the Playstation network. An Internet connection and a secure credit card is required for this to occur.

Cartridge-based games will save to the cartridge. A memory card is necessary only if you download DSi-ware games from the shop.

The last option on the credit card choices should say something like "No Credit Card "

now but you need wii points, you can buy from store or from credit card

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