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How do you download music to your phone?


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Q. How do you download music to your phone of the internet

A. You Can Go Onto Websites Where You Can Download Music To Your Phone

Just Type In "free music on your phone"


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can you download music or graphic onto the net10 phone lg300g.

see What is the best website to download free music to your cell phone. :-)

You can download the music from your computer and then transfer it to your phone memory card through a card reader or connect it to your phone through a data cable.Also, you can choose to download the music directly from your phone through the internet. Just go to the website where your music is and download it using your phone.Also, you can download music through Come With Music service if it is available in your country. Just login to your CWM account and choose the music you want to download.

Usually you go to the music app and find the download section.

iTunes is the best site for download free music to your cell phone.

You can but it depends what kind of phone your using. Also if you do download music on your phone from the Internet, it is considered illegal. So be aware.

You can put music on a phone from your computer via USB drive. Or you can download it through your wireless service provided via Vcast or other types of "music download" apps.

how do i download music to samsung messager phone from computer

Keeping music on the phone is easy. All you have to do is download the music and save it to your SD card.

Yes, you have to have an iPhone to download iTunes to a phone

The music goes through the wire that's connected to your phone and goes in to your phone.

In my opinion, the best website to get music on your phone is 'Bee MP3'

Phone apps are games, music, or videos that you can get on your phone. You download them and they go directly to your phone.

itunes if it is made from apple

When you say watch phone do you mean an iPod nano attached the the watch band? If so you download the music from iTunes and sync it to the ipod.

beemp3 or you can download youtube files on your computer convert them to mp3 then transfer to your phone.

yes u can download the free music app

some phones require a sd chip/card .then download and insert bam music on ur phone

Download or buy music from itunes... then sync your phone and there it is under ipodand u can get it on vodafone music store or on bluetooth

if you have an andriod phone, download the app "G tunes music"

if you can access itunes on your phone you can download music through there ,but if not you can use itunes on your computer , download them through there and synchronise your iphone with your computer.

When downloading music from the Google Play Store, yes. However, if you download it from an internet website, it may be free to download.

you just drag the song from limewire to itunes

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