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"Spotify" is a FREE music program, giving you access to thousands of tracks from the comfort of your computer. The Premium version of Spotify can also be accessed on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and most other hand-held devices to give you access to music wherever you are!

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Does it cost for Spotify?

It depends whether you subscribe or not. Subscription (known as Spotify Premium) costs £9.99 a month. Spotify Free requires an email invite from a friend, plus you get short, 20-second adverts every five songs or so. Premium has no advertising of any sort, as well as the ability to make your playlists available offline. ...
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Does it cost money to create a Spotify Account?

A basic Spotify account does not cost anything but you will hear advertisements between some of the songs you select. You can pay for a Premium account which removes the advertising. ...
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Difference between a deductible and a premium?

A premium is the amount of money you pay the auto/health insurance company monthly, quarterly, or biannually whether or not you get in an accident or go to the hospital. The higher your premium the lower your deductible, and the lower your premium the higher your deductible. A deductible is the amount of money after you get in a car accident or visit the hospital before your insurance company pays anything. After you have met your deductible the insurance company covers the...
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Is Spotify or Grooveshark better?

I use Grooveshark and it's really good. I don't really know what Spotify is, but Grooveshark has a wide variety of music, and is really easy to use. You don't have to download it either. ...
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Can you get viruses from spotify?

Spotify is a reliable music streaming service and is not a source of viruses. ...
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Is it possible to use Spotify on an iPod touch?

Yes; you can use the Spotify application if you are a Spotify member. More information can be found in the "Related Links" section of this answer. ...
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How do you get music from Spotify to iTunes?

Spotify is a streaming service. The music is not downloaded so cannot be transferred to iTunes. Spotify has created an iPhone app which lets you store and listen to music even when not connected to the Internet but you need to subscribe to the Premium Service to use this option. In some countries they provide a link so that you can buy the song. Once purchased you can download the song and add it to your iTunes library. ...
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Is Spotify free?

Spotify is free if you have a valid email/Facebook/Google account. If you want unlimited skips or offline access Spotify Premium is $9.99/month. ...
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Can you download music from Spotify and burn to a CD?

Spotify is a music streaming service so you can listen to the music within the Spotify application but you are not downloading it. Within the Spotify application there is a Buy button next to individual tracks which provides a link to a music retailer from whom you can buy and download the track. If you have a Premium account with Spotify you can download some music to listen to within the Spotify app, available for a range mobile phones, while not connected...
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Can you transfer music from Spotify to itunes?

Legally, No. Unless you buy it from spotify.
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Is spotify legal?

Spotify is a legal company that provides a legal music streaming service to countries for which it is licensed. ...
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How do you cancel your Spotify account?

If you have a free account you can just ignore it. If you have a Premium account and wish to cancel payments then you need to login to Spotify.com and visit the your subscription page from which you can click on "Go to the cancellation page" and continue to cancel the recurring payments. ...
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Can you download Spotify songs onto your i-pod?

Spotify is a streaming service they do not provide songs for download. In some countries they provide a link so you can buy the song and use that on your iPod. If you have a Premium account with Spotify you can store songs to play on an iPhone or iPod Touch, and some other mobile phones, when not connected to Spotify. ...
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Can you use Spotify to download music onto R4?

No. There is no way to download music from Spotify, only stream it through your internet connection. ...
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Can you put songs on your iPod off Spotify?

Spotify is a streaming service so songs cannot be downloaded and added to an iPod. If you have a premium account with Spotify and an iPod Touch you can use their offline service to store music and play it back with a Spotify application on the iPod Touch without being connected to Spotify. ...
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How do you get a invitation to spotify?

To get an invitation to Spotify you either need a friend who has a spare invitation they can give to you (invitations are allocated with premium account renewals) or you have to wait on the Spotify list to be allocated an invitation. ...
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Can Spotify download music onto an iPod?

Spotify is a streaming service it does not download mp3 files to an iPod. If you are using an iPod Touch, the Premium version of Spotify does allow users to "download" tracks that will be available in Offline mode. Please see the "Related Links" section of this answer for more information. ...
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Is there unrestricted music websites available?

Yes, there certainly is. The best I would recommend is a freeware software company called Spotify. You have to download a small program, and create a free user account, then you can listen to as much music as you want, without having to download anything else. The only downside is, if you have a free account, is that every four or five songs, there is a small advert, but that's just a minor glitch compared to how much music you can...
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Is there a way to download songs from Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service and does not provide downloads apart from those that you buy by clicking the Buy button. The legal agreement you make with Spotify when you set up an account stipulates that you may not "copy, reproduce, "rip", or record" content from Spotify. ...
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How do you go online on Spotify?

Turn off you Spotify Application. Check your internet settings. Can you browse the web through Safari/Firefox etc? If not, fix your connection. Turn Spotify back on. If there's nothing wrong with your internet connection, just restart Spotify. ...
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How long is the Spotify waiting list?

I signed up today and got the email invite 5 minutes later.
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Does spotify give you a virus?

Spotify is a perfectly safe and legal music streaming service it will not give you a virus. ...