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CAUTION If the vehicle has been driven recently, the pump, hoses, and fluid could be extremely hot. Use caution when handling components to avoid burns.

Growling If a growling noise is present in the Power Steering pump after the fluid level is checked and air has been bled from the system, the pump bearing or other components are defective and pump replacement or repair is required. When the power steering pump pressure is lower than specified, pump replacement or repair is necessary.

To replace Disconnect the power steering return hose from the remote reservoir or pump. Allow the fluid to drain from this hose into a drain pan. Discard the used fluid.

Loosen the bracket or belt tension adjusting bolt, and the pump mounting bolt.

Loosen the belt tension until the belt can be removed. On some cars, it is necessary to lift the vehicle on a hoist and gain access to the power steering pump from underneath the vehicle.

Remove the hoses from the pump, and cap the pump fittings and hoses.

Remove the belt tension adjusting bolt and the mounting bolt, and remove the pump.

Check the pump mounting bolts and bolt holes for wear. Worn bolts must be replaced. If the bolt mounting holes in the pump are worn, pump replacement is necessary.

The pulley needs to be removed from the old pump and install on the new pump. For this you would need a special tool "available at most parts stores".

Reverse steps 1 through 5 to install the power steering pump. Tighten the belt as described previously, and tighten the pump mounting and bracket bolts to the manufacturer's specifications. If o-rings are used on the pressure hose, replace the o-rings. Be sure the hoses are not contacting the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, or exhaust pipe during or after pump replacement.

Fill the pump reservoir with the manufacturer's recommended power steering fluid, and bleed air from the power steering system as described earlier.

Courtesy of Moog Automotive, Inc.

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Q: How do you drain the power steering in a Ford Windstar?
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