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For starters, try buying a how to draw Cartoons guidebook

Bulgy eyes, big noses, exaggerated faces big smiles etc.

Cartoon Network have just added some official 'How to Draw' guides - you can find Scooby Doo here:

(and there are links there to other characters too)

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What is a good free website that shows how to draw cartoons step by step?

How many teenagers draw cartoons?

Professionally? None that I could find. Just generally draw cartoons... that number in incalculable.

Who taught disney to draw?

he read a "How to Draw Cartoons" book

Did DrSeuss like to draw when he was little?

he liked to draw cartoons and colorful things

How do you draw running feet?

Video: How to Draw Human Movement in Cartoons | eHow.come...

Is it fun to draw cartoons?

draw your own style its fun if you're drawing what you want to draw. take it from your soul!

Why did Rube draw these wacky cartoons?

Because he enjoyed it

How do people draw cartoons?

they take a writing untensil

Why did rube goldberg draw these wacky cartoons?

He draw these wacky cartoon because he liked drawing.

How do you make cartoons?

You chould draw so you have your own cartoon and draw but different and there that's how .

New Mexico marshal of cartoons?

Quick Draw McGraw?

What do you major in if you want to make cartoons?

If you want to draw them, then you could major in art. Otherwise you could do IT for the techinical side of cartoons.

Did Picasso draw cartoons?

He sketched I'm sure, but I can't imagine he did anything that resembled things we know today as 'Cartoons'.

How do you draw gangster cartoons?

u draw gangster cartoons by printing out a pic of a gangster cartoon and looking at it and drawling it Draw them with vertical striped suits, machine guns with the round drum, or violin caces dark faces and bowler hats

What are the easiest cartoons to draw?

Personally i think the beano characters are easiest to draw since they haven't much detail in them

What are some cartoons that start with the letter Q?

Quick Draw McGraw ,

Does Gary Larson still draw cartoons?

Since 1995 Gary Larson is no longer actively producing cartoons ; he probably still doodles .

Who draws cartoons?

Hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people draw cartoons. Care to be a little more specific on what it is you're asking?

What what are the work hours and conditions for a cartoonist?

If your cartoons are in demand, then you can set your own working hours and working conditions. And if your cartoons are not in demand, then you will have to find some other source of income. You can still draw cartoons, but only as a hobby.

What are some related careers for a cartoonist?

Cartoonists draw and think of new characters or cartoons

Who made cartoons?

we have little monkeys from the amazon to come up draw for us aliens

What was Walt Disney's favorite thing to do?

Walt Disney loved to Draw and make cartoons.

How do you draw Indians?

I really don't know all of the people make fun of Indians and draw cartoons! I just don't think that is fair!

Can a cartoon kangaroo be fat?

A cartoonist is free to draw a fat or thin kangaroo. The only exception is if the cartoonist is employed in producing commercial cartoons or animated cartoons. Then he or she is restricted to what the client or film studio wants.

Anyone know a website that shows you how to draw a really good cookie monster?