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if you want to dress up like lady gaga , nothing is too... "out there"

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Lady gaga doesn't really dress normal.

Meat dress of Lady Gaga was created in 2010.

Where her bubble outfit!

Dress up like a complete plonker

Lady GaGa has worn a black dress before when performing for Barrack Obama.

like all trannies it craves attention

she wore it for 1 of her openings but lady gaga is always lady gaga trying out new styles.

she is a dress size two

No. Everyone is there selves in a different way. and moddona and lady gaga are similar,lady gaga is just the moddona of these generations. Moddona never did dress the way 'gaga does,'gaga is really out there(not saying moddona isn't).but the answer is no she is not. <3 ninja_chick.

Sergio Vigalato, was a taxidermist who had never heard of Lady Gaga previous to preparing her infamous raw meat dress for preservation.

Lady Gaga wore her bubble dress when she was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine June 13, 2009.

my favorite lady gaga outfit is the dress she wears in paparazzi during the monsterball

Rihanna like Lady gaga

Lady Gaga does like her name. She is the one who came up with the name Lady Gaga.

Because if there weren't, we would all dress like Lady Gaga.

the keyboard notes for me in speechless is i like her lyrics and the music .and all so her dress and her video and her quality of her vioce ...for me i love lady gaga.

The cast of Cake Like Lady Gaga - 2012 includes: Lady Gaga as Lady Gaga

i hate lady gaga kesha rocks 100% more then lady gaga

lady gaga is a Aries like me

Most likely the Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga made the infamous meat dress with pieces of raw flank steak (beef) And sewing them together into a dress. She wore the meat dress to the 2012 MTV Video Music Awardsto promote the message "people shouldn't be treated like a piece of meat."

Because thats her personality!

her meat dress and weirdness

Lady Gaga dresses that way for her almost blind grandmother. Her grandmother can only see very light shades, so that is why she shows her bare skin.

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