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No. Everyone is there selves in a different way. and moddona and Lady Gaga are similar,lady gaga is just the moddona of these generations. Moddona never did dress the way 'gaga does,'gaga is really out there(not saying moddona isn't).but the answer is no she is not.

<3 ninja_chick.

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How do you pronounce Lady Gaga?

just plain lady then gaga kinda like a baby

Can Lady Gaga get pregnant?

Yes, Lady Gaga can get pregnant just like most women.

Who do people like more Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

lady gaga. Just check how many dislikes bieber has compared to gaga.

Does Rihanna like Lady Gaga?

Rihanna like Lady gaga

Did Lady Gaga like her name?

Lady Gaga does like her name. She is the one who came up with the name Lady Gaga.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cake Like Lady Gaga - 2012?

The cast of Cake Like Lady Gaga - 2012 includes: Lady Gaga as Lady Gaga

Why do you like Lady Gaga brtter then kesha?

i hate lady gaga kesha rocks 100% more then lady gaga

How do you dance like Lady Gaga?

just dance . like the song

What sign is Lady Gaga?

lady gaga is a Aries like me

What is Lady Gaga real man name?

Lady Gaga is a girl not a man she didnt even use to be a man people just say that lady gaga use to be a man and if she was a man why would she be called lady gaga.

Does Justin Bieber like Lady Gaga?

NO. He is in compitition with Lady gaga.

Do Lady Gaga like Marilyn Monroe?

no,lady gaga hates her .

Is Lady Gaga like kesha?

Kind of, I think Ke$ha is more like Lady Gaga, because Lady Gaga is totally original.

Does Nicki Minaj like Lady Gaga?

I think Nicki Minaj does like Lady Gaga, But Nicki Minaj doesn't like being compared to Lady Gaga

How does Lady Gaga speak?

Lady Gaga speaks like a beautiful women.

Is Lady Gaga like red?

Yes, Lady GaGa likes red.

Is Lady Gaga a fan of Selena gomez?

Yes, Selena Gomez is inspired by Lady Gaga. Just look at her video's. Like Round and round, naturally, etc. Just watch them and you'll see the spice of Lady Gaga that Selena puts into her videos.

Does Lady Gaga have any parents?

Yes, Lady Gaga has parents just like everyone else. of corse she has parents shes not an alien of somthing she is a woman, and just like nearly everybody else she has parents.....

How do you dress like Lady Gaga?

if you want to dress up like lady gaga , nothing is too... "out there"

How does Lady Gaga look like a girl?

Lady Gaga looks like a girl because......she is a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Lady Gaga like Katie price?

No Lady Gaga and Katie Price are not friends because Katie called Lady Gaga arrogant.

Was Lady Gaga born a boy?

lady gaga was born a women weather you like it or not!

What is it like for Lady Gaga to be famous?

That is a question for Lady Gaga because she is the only one who knows what is feels like for her.

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