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Q: How do you dress up your marapets character?
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How To Get Rich On Marapets?

MaraPets is a free virtual pet site where you can dress up dolls. TO get rich on MaraPets, you must go questing often.

In marapets how do you get in to your wardobe?

You click on "dress up", on the left sidebar, and scroll down to "wardrobe".

How do you put on jewelry on your character on marapets?

you can't.

How do you get to the wardrobe on marapets?

go onto dress up scroll down and in one of those boxes it says wardrobe click on it

What is marapets?

Marapets is a game similar to Neopets, but has a few differences, such as having your own human character.Marapets has many fun flash games for you to play. New games are always being added! Marapets also has a few dressup games where you can dress up celebrities with different clothing.

Do you like marapets?

Yes, I like marapets. It is a wonderful, great site. It is free and easy to navigate. You can get many pets and have your own character that you can dress up! I absolutely do not like marapets. They have too many advertisements in your way and it is boring. Neopets is much better, just say your over 13;) ---- Neopets sucks, I got millions of marapoints in about a month, but it took me like 3 years to be able to afford the stupid neopets lab that never gave me anything good.

Does anybody know a good animal game?

Marapets is a fun game with many features such as banks, dress up, arcade games and more.

How do you get to MArapets?

You go to the the marapets website. It's a fun virtual pet world. Its a free sign up, to get there go to the marapets website.

Who is a good male movie character to dress up as for Halloween?

A good character to dress up for Halloween is any of the characters from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

What story book character should you dress up as?


Sonic rivals how to dress up?

When selecting character press Triangle

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