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How do you duplicate Monster Hunter saved files on a memory card for PS2?


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It's easy. First you need a save game. No matter how you will get it. Get out from game, then to to PS2 menu(DO NOT insert a game) then go to memory card. Click on save and copy it.


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its really difficult, try using a laboko tutorial, or if that doesnt work (didnt on my psp phat) then use sgdeemer110. this can convert one of your monster hunter files from US to JAP or the other way round. as far as i kno it is not possible to directly connect

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Yes there is, all I did to find the save data for the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, is go to and type in: Save data for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, I used game faq to get the right ones. Some have all quests done and then some don't experiment and have fun with it, make sure you have winrar to extract the files to put them on the psp manually. I just recently learned how to do this from my husband, but I did it on my own and it does work. Sincerely Someone who cares

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its not like hacking the psp files its just a file with cheats for a several games like monster hunter i cant garentee you its safe but there's a possibility its dangerous for your battery

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it won't corrupt the new memory card except for the corrupted files you x-fer over. so the disk space the corrupted files take up will be screwed but the rest of the memory card should be just fine.

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