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One bite at a time.

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When was Don't Eat the Winning Oreo?

Don't Eat the Winning Oreo occurred in 1999

What company ran the Don't Eat the Winning Oreo contest?

Nabisco ran the Don't Eat the Winning Oreo

Can dogs die from eating and oreo?

It would be unhealthy for a dog to eat even a single oreo. However, if your dog ate an oreo, it should be just fine.

What song is in the 100 pack oreo cakers commercial?

"do you know exactly how to eat an oreo-well to do it- you unscrew it-very fast!- cause a kid'll eat the middle of an oreo first and save the chocolate cookie outside for last"

Were is oreo cookie pizza eaten?

they use to sell it at dominoes and now i just dont know

How do you say ''to eat pizza'' in Spanish?

comer pizza - to eat pizza (say pizza with an accent)

How did the Don't Eat the Winning Oreo contest work?

When a customer got an Oreo with "Car," stamped on it, they won a car

Can I eat pizza?

Can I eat pizza?

Which one is correct she don't eat pizza or she doesn't eat pizza?

She DOESN'T eat pizza. An easy way to check your choice is to remove the contraction. You would not say "she do not eat pizza," so you wouldn't say, "she don't eat pizza." On the other hand, "she does not eat pizza" indicates that "doesn't" is the right choice.

Can you eat Oreo cookies when youhave a cold?

Yes. Why not?!

What do you call people who eat pizza?

There is no word for people who eat pizza.

Did he eat pizza past tense?

"Did he eat pizza?" is the past tense.

What is the best way to eat an oreo?

the best way to eat an oreo is however you want, you can take it apart or keep it together, you can put it in milk or you cant, it just depends on what you like

Does santa eat Oreo cookies on Christmas Eve?

yes he does

Why do they eat pizza in Italy?

Why do you eat pizza in wherever you live? Lol, I think that pizza is a dish that originates in Italy.

Do Asian people eat pizza?

yes Asian people eat pizza

What is the proper way to eat Oreos?

It is entirely possible that there are as many ways to eat Oreo cookies as there are people who eat them.

How do you say 'I eat pizza' in Spanish?

To say 'I eat pizza' in Spanish, you would say 'Como pizza.'

Why do people eat pizza?

People eat pizza because the taste appeals to some!

Why do you eat pizza?

You eat pizza because it is a type of food.It is delicious and easy to prepare.

If you wanted to order from a pizza place for your kids but can not eat pizza what would you eat?


Do Afghanistan people eat pizza?

Afghanistan people do eat pizza but its not their staple food

why do we Take a pizza?

I would hope so see can eat it-

What did minutemen eat?

they eat pizza

How has the Oreo changed or improved society?

Eating Oreo cookies makes me smile. Watching other people eat Oreo cookies makes me smile. When discovered in a 'care package from home', the smile moves to the heart.