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There isn't much you can do to make your penis longer. If you are still a boy it will grow all by itself during puberty.

2010-04-25 09:18:14
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What are some good ways you can enlarge your penis without having to buy anything?

kegel exercizes... do some research

What are the effects to the student?

I am not sure what you are asking about-- what kinds of effects? The effects to the student of having poorly trained teachers? The effects to the student of being in over-crowded classes? The effects to the student of being in a brand new building and having the newest computers? Without some more information about which effects you are curious about, we can't answer this question.

What are some good ways you enlarge your penis without having to buy anything?

simple just kill yourselfI saw a tv programme recently where a guy tried all the gadgets, and they all failed. Apparently only surgery can enlarge the penis. But size is not important, it's what you do with it......

Can having chlamydia once harm you?

Yes, having chlamydia once can harm you, but most people are cured of chlamydia without long-term effects.

Why do males nipples enlarge at puberty?

They are one of the secondary sexual characteristics. Just as in females, they enlarge at puberty for many. It is the same for many male animals having nipples that are non functioning.

Is vicodin 5 500 a lot and is it enough to just take one and feel the effects without having pain?


What countries have a bureaucracy?

Most countries have a bureaucracy of some kind. In this modern era, it is almost impossible to effectively govern without having a bureaucracy to manage the inflowing data.

How do you work effectively under pressure?

having few beers

How do I enlarge pixel art without the result having any blur?

Depending on the original pixel size you can use the image , resize and then adjust the pixel resolution. Its always best to scan in or create in 300 and above DPI

who tool for creating programmable buttons Automation Toolkit After Effects automation?

A tool for creating programmable buttons in After Effects without having to code anything! Basically, a "Whatever You Want!" button maker!t's. Automation Toolkit, After Effects automation.

How do you Respond to structural fires effectively?

By having effective emergency service.

What is efficient?

Being effective without wasting time or effort or expense. Able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively by producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect.

What are side effects of 100 Pipers Scotch Whisky?

Intoxication, saying and doing things you would never say or do without 100 pipers. Having more fun than you would without it.

How not having an education can effects intellectual needs?

Not having an education effects the intellectual needs as it makesit harder to get a job or get into further education without the qualifications you need. This will also affect long time as it will mean you have a limited jobs you can apply for therefore only earning a limited amount of money

Can you get chlamydia without having your period?

You can get chlamydia without having your period.

Can you carry herpes without having it?

You can not carry herpes without having it.

What are side effects of D and C?

could nausea be an after effect of a d & c without cramping or bleedingThere are several side effects after having a DNC. Some of the most severe side effects are blood clots, heavy bleeding, foul smelling discharge, and cramping.

Is it healthy to lose six pounds in three days?

My guess is that you lost most of that weight by either sweating it out and/or having bowel movements without replacing meals so you have effectively emptied your colon...

I an having L5 S1 foraminotomy surgery what does this mean?

If you are having an L5 S1 foraminotomy surgery it means the surgeons will enlarge the passageway of the first spinal nerve in your 5th lumbar vertebra.

What is the effect having your period and having chlamydia?

There are no effects from the two occurring at once.

What are the effects of having pubic lice?

There are no serious consequences from having pubic lice.

What are some of the effects of the stolen generation?

Children living without their parents, lost every day of their young lives, having to always speak English and not allowed to speak Aboriginal and even having to be with other Aboriginal strangers.

What is the main purpose of of breast enhancement exercises?

The main purpose of breast enhancement exercises is to enlarge a woman's breast without having to resort to breast implants which can affect the functions of the breast. It is a more natural approach for women wanting to increase their breast size.

What is the prefix of maximise?

Maximise has no prefix, since imise is not a word, although max is a root of maximise, meaning to enlarge, or having to do with increase in size.

What would one use the product Splenda for?

One would use the product Splenda for sweetening one's tea or coffee without having the negative side effects of normal sugar. Splenda is a sweetener without calories.