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um if u got action replay you can click on the shiny Pokemon cheat that is the only way i know.

um if u got action replay you can click on the shiny Pokemon cheat that is the only way i know.


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The only way to get a shiny Pokemon is by a random encounter or by trading with another player.

Shiny encounter action replay code for platinum: 12075E52 000046C0.

You have to encounter them. but it's less than a 1% chance to find one.

If you can get lucky, you will be able to encounter one. You can also use an Action Replay or Gameshark

Its like 1 in 8156 or something. IF you don't belive me check these sites:, and

well... once you encounter a Pokemon, run, save, and turn off your DS. turn it on again. keep encountering the Pokemon and try it again and again till shiny...

Shiny Pokemon appear randomly in the wild. Every encounter, there is approximately a 1/8500 chance that it will be shiny. If you encounter a shiny Pokemon, it is best that you capture it, as it is a very very rare event.

there is really no code for shiny Pokemon but I'll tell you how to catch a shiny Pokemon well at game stop they had a shiny Pichu that ended February 14 2010 but in the wild you go in the grass then you use the poke radar go to one of the shaking grass and you'll encounter a Pokemon attack it until it faints more grass will shake go to one and if same Pokemon attack it until it faints then keep doing this unless you encounter a different Pokemon you will soon encounter a shiny Pokemon be sure to save the game after completed Good luck

Every Pokemon has an approximate 1/8192 (0.012207%) chance of being shiny. To obtain a shiny Pokemon, you simply have to be very, very lucky. There are two ways I can suggest of obtaining a shiny Pokemon: encounter around 8200 wild Pokemon and be ready to catch it if one appears, or trade someone for theirs.

The chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon is 1 in 8192. That does not mean that for every 8192 Pokemon you encounter, the next one will be shiny.In Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) using the item called Poke' Radar can raise your chances of finding a shiny Pokemon.Happy chaining!

You cannot make them turn shiny, they are born shiny, and therefore you must catch them as shiny Pokemon.

Yes, it is possible to get a shiny Pokemon in HeartGold. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, and sometimes you may never encounter them in the game.

Shiny Pokemon are very rare (1/8192 encounter chance) and random, and takes patience to find one. They can be found randomly in the wild, by hatching eggs, chaining with the PokeRadar, or interacting with Legendaries.

A shiny Riolu is like any other shiny Pokemon in the game, for every Pokemon that you encounter, there is a 1 in 8192 chance that it will be shiny.

12075E52 000046C0 (no trigger) Works 100% fpr me :D realy it works

Getting a shiny Pokemon is 1 out of 8192 Pokemon you've encounter (which is approximately 0.012207%).

Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare. Every time you encounter a wild Pokémon, you have a chance to find a shiny one. There is a 1/8192 chance of finding a shiny Pokémon when engaging in a battle. Many players doesn't even find any shiny Pokémon through the game.

The difference is that the Pokemon that have different color (a.k.a the SHINY) Pokemon are very hard to encounter because their is a 1/8192 chance to encounter that Pokemon as a shiny. Their really isn't a difference between them. The only difference is that they are harder to encounter.

Use the method of shiny chaining.

You cant get a shiny eevee on Pokemon platinum unless you have some sort of cheets. NOT TRUE... get a shiny eevee if its the swarm of the day and then just chain them..

On Action Replay press disable Shiny Pokemon.

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