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How do you evacuate an automotive air conditioner system?

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To evacuate the system, you will need a refrigerant recovery machine. These cost about $3000 and usually this is best left up to a shop, and to just evacuate, they won't charge you very much. I think they should do this for free if they're not charging it too since this is the equivalent of them charging you to take your used motor oil. Technically you could just hook up a fill hose to it and not connect anything to the other side, but this is against EPA regs and you will be fined big time if caught. I don't recommend this, it's very harzardous to breathe in R134 or R12. Also if you're going to do this and open the system, you will have to do a deep vacuum with a venturi or equivalent type pump to get all the air out. I hope this helps with your project.

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How do you bleed the air out of a car air conditioner?

You need to take it to a qualified air conditioner repair shop and have them Recover, Evacuate and Recharge the unit to the proper specifications.

How do i test an air conditioner leak?

automotive stores sell a leak detector dye that you shoot into the system and glows under a uv light

Do you have to evacuate the air conditioner to replace a heater core?

No. The two systems are seperate, sharing only ductwork.

How do you change an air conditioner hose on a 1996 Mercury Sable GS?

Hey Jennifer==Simply take the hose off and replace it. Then evacuate the system and add refrigerant. GoodluckJoe

Who invented First automobile air-conditioner?

BMW obviouly Uh, no. That's wrong. The first automotive air conditioning system was introduced on the 1939 Packard, had no interior controls (you had to get out and disconnect a belt to turn it off), and blew cold air up from behind the rear seats.

What is the responsibility of a compressor in an air conditioner system?

what is the responsibility of the compressor in the air condition system

When you must evacuate the automotive air conditioning system?

You have it done by an ASE certified tech in an EPA certified shop which has the equipment necessary to recover, store, and recycle refrigerant. Releasing it into the atmosphere is prohibited by federal law.

Diagram of Chevy Lumina air conditioner system?

schematic of 1998 chevy lumina ltz 3.8l air conditioner

What causes mold around air conditioning vents?

The air conditioner condenses water from the air. If the air conditioner is not draining correctly this water will spray though the system. Water and moisture are needed to support mould growth. You need to clean and repair your air conditioner drain system.

Why does a 1999 Camry air conditioner not cool?

You need to to add more conditioner fluid in the system.

What car part starts with A?

Alternator air conditioner air cooling system

What causes an air conditioner to blow warm air?

The system can be low on refrigerant

Why is an air conditioner a example of an closed loop system?

A closed loop system is one where the output is fed back into the control system. In the case of an air conditioner, the output (cold air) may be fed back to determine if the air conditioner should continue to run (it's still too hot), or if it should turn off.

What are the example of a closed loop control system?

air conditioner

Why does air conditioner not hold charge?

It has a leak somewhere in the system

What is a machine cooling system called?

A/C Air Conditioner

Where are the senors for air conditioner on 1994 Chevy bretta?

air conditioner for1994 Chevy Beretta not working is there a senor that could be bad. system is charged.

How do you refill a 1987 Westfalia air conditioner?

You can refill your 1987 VW air conditioning system from the low pressure port on the air conditioner compressor. Connect your Freon bottle to the low pressure port and release the Freon into the system.

How do you fix a leak in the air con system in my car?

Go to a qualified automotive air conditioning technician. == ==

What is causing your air conditioner to blow cool air in your 1998 jeep grand Cherokee even after you put in 3 cans of freon it has a 4.0 engine and is a 6 cylinder not cold air?

May have a clog in the system or if it is too humid outside could be a frozen line under the hood, if it took 3 cans of freon chances are the system has too much moisture in it and will not get too cold, answere is to find where the leak is.....fix it....then evacuate it, replace the filter cannister(incandescent sock) and evacuate and replace the freon by a pro.

Air conditioner on 1998 Chevy Malibu blows hot air?

the system is probably out of coolant.

Whats wrong when the air conditioner works but the heat wont?

must have air in the cooling system

Why freon is low on your air conditioner?

Because you have a leak in the system somewhere.

Air conditioner Dodge Ram?

The air conditioner of a Dodge Ram is powered by the rotation of the engine. It powers a compressor which circulates cold refrigerant throughout the system.

What are the correct pressures for R410a?

The pressure for an R410a air conditioner system should be 118psi LP and 412psi HP. This is the same pressure as an R22 air conditioner.