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How do you evacuate an automotive air conditioner system?

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2007-09-14 14:31:23

To evacuate the system, you will need a refrigerant recovery

machine. These cost about $3000 and usually this is best left up to

a shop, and to just evacuate, they won't charge you very much. I

think they should do this for free if they're not charging it too

since this is the equivalent of them charging you to take your used

motor oil. Technically you could just hook up a fill hose to it and

not connect anything to the other side, but this is against EPA

regs and you will be fined big time if caught. I don't recommend

this, it's very harzardous to breathe in R134 or R12. Also if

you're going to do this and open the system, you will have to do a

deep vacuum with a venturi or equivalent type pump to get all the

air out. I hope this helps with your project.

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