How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

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Evolution in Pokemon GO is dependent on candy. You slowly collect candy of different types as you catch Pokemon of that type (if Pokemon are evolutions of each other, the candy will be named after the lowest evolution).

On the screen for an individual Pokemon, it will show the cost of Powering Up or Evolving (if it doesn't show the price of evolving, then evolving is not possible... that Pokemon may not have a higher evolution).

Usually the cost will be 12 candy for common or lower level Pokemon, and 50 for others. You get 3 candy for catching, and 1 candy for transferring a Pokemon of that type to the Professor.
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How do you evolve Pokemon?

you must be at a certain level or you must give it a certain stone or have max happiness to make it evolve

Why does a Pokemon evolve?

a Pokemon evolves because the Pokemon is very weak and its form is not complete and an evolved Pokemon is the complete form of the Pokemon it evolved from but some Pokemon don't evolve because its form is already complete and its already strong enough

When do Pokemon evolve?

It depends on which Pokemon you want to evolve. Some Pokemon evolve when you level it up, some evolve when you use a certain item on it or trade it while its holding a certain item, or when you max out some of the stats it evolves. Some Pokemon evolve at a certain time of day (day or night). You can ( Full Answer )

How do you get a Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon pearl?

it matters what Pokemon you mean. Most Pokemon evolve by leveling up, others with stones and items, some by friendship or condition (some at certain times), and still more by trading!

When does a Pokemon evolve?

When it gets to a certain level or when its frriendship is high or by a elemental stone

How do you evolve a Pokemon?

most Pokemon evolve but some don't and most evolve at a certain lvl like ill use the Pokemon shinx for example shinx evolves at lvl 15 but some Pokemon evolve by trading them like machoke for example if you trade a machoke it will evolve but some other Pokemon evolve by giving them a certain item li ( Full Answer )

Why do Pokemon evolve?

Pokemon evolve so that you can have a larger variety of Pokemon and to have better ones that can be more powerful.

How do you evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

go to my zone. click view all my Pokemon/setup battle team. click the Pokemon you want to evolve at the bottom. if it's level is enough, there should be an available evolve. hope this is useful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

Pokemon Indigo is not a real game. It is a fake created to copy the real Pokemon games. If you want proof go to and look in the older news section and look for something about Pokemon indigo. The answer is: go to "my zone", and then to your pokémon setup. if your pokémon is at a ( Full Answer )

How can you evolve your Pokemon?

There are many ways to evolve Pokemon. One way is to level the Pokemon up into a certain level. It changes depending on the type of Pokemon. Also, you could make it happy by feeding it Protien, Calcium, etc., putting it in the front of your party, and/or let it hold a soothe bell. Some Pokemon requi ( Full Answer )

Can a Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Ranch?

No, you can not do anything to your Pokemon in this game. This is merely a place to store all of your Pokemon and pottentially get phione and mew. You can not level up or even gain experience. But you can trade with Hayley

When Pokemon evolve?

Most evolve by getting to a certain level, some evolve on a high level of friendship during the day or at night or just by friendship, some evolve with stones, some at special land marks, some during the day, some at night, and some don't evolve at all.

When can your Pokemon evolve?

when your Pokemon get to a certain level and if this is you joey you really don't know anything about Pokemon

How do you evolve your Pokemon?

When you battle you get exp and when you get lots of exp your Pokemon will level up when your Pokemon get to a surten level the Pokemon will evolve (the level that it evolves on depends on the Pokemon) some Pokemon though you might need to get special stones for them to evolve E.G the water stone is ( Full Answer )

How can evolve Pokemon?

you can evolve a Pokemon by raising it up to the level it needs to be,give it stones,and last but not least giving it other items.for example to get a clampearl to evolve you give it a deep sea tooth or deep sea scale and make a trade.

How does a Pokemon evolve?

You can evolve by: . leveling up. example: Most Pokemon like the starters. . using a evolution stone. (Fire stone, Water stone, ect.) example: Eevee. . by trading by tradeing. example: Machoke and Kadabra. . while holding an item. example: Syther.

On Pokemon what Pokemon evolve from a stone?

Moon stone: Clefairy into Clefarable Nidorino into Nidoking Nidorina into Nidoqueen Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff Skitty into Delcatty Fire Stone: Eevee into Flaron Growlite into Arcanine Vulpix into Ninetales Water Stone : Poliwhirl into Poliwarth Shellder into Cloyster Staryu into Starmine ( Full Answer )

What level do evolving Pokemon evolve at?

ponyta-level 40 rapidash-last evolution budew-give lots of love Roselia-shiny stone roserade-full evolution staravia-level 34 staraptor-full evolution bulbasaur-level 16 ivysaur-level 32 venusaur-full evolution charmander-level 16 charmelon-level 36 charizard-full evolutio ( Full Answer )

Do you have to evolve your Pokemon?

No but if you wish to complete your pokedex without filling up the storage boxes you must and evolving is alot easier and cheaper to do than caching one of every stage. remember if you don't want a Pokemon to evolve just make it hold an everstone

What Pokemon can you evolve?

Most of them.Pokemon like Absol, Lengendary Pokemon, and several others don't evolve. But most Pokemon can evolve at least once if they haven't already. Pokemon never evolve more than three times. Additionally, some Pokemon evolve with use of an item, by trade, by "friendship evolution" (utterly tru ( Full Answer )

When is a Pokemon evolve?

when a Pokemon will evolve depends on the Pokemon depends on the Pokemon's personality, ( mild, impish, serious , ect.) how much it loves you, and how much you battle with it. When u battle with it gains experience points. when it the exp. point bar fills up it will level up. The Pokemon will evolve ( Full Answer )

How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon lake?

go to the option at the top 'my Pokemon' and move the Pokemon that you want to evolve out of your party, and at the top somewhere it has and evolve button

What Pokemon evolve when going through a gba link cable in Pokemon leaf green?

mackoe them he evolves in to machamp . Machoke you mean, also kadabra, haunter, porygon while holding up-grade, onix while holding metal coat, scyther while holding metal coat, seadra while holding dragon scale, graveler, clampearl while holding deepseascale or deepseatooth, that should be all.

What does evolving do in Pokemon?

Evolving a Pokemon drastically changes a Pokemon's appearance(normally, to show they became more mature and stronger.) andhighly boosts its stats. This is one of the most important to do tohave a strong team.

How do you get a Pokemon to evolve on Pokemon Diamond?

It depends on what Pokémon you're trying to evolve. See for more information. or see If the Pokemon has the ability to evolve then it will evolve with a stone, when friendship is high or when it reaches a certain level.

Where can you evolve in Pokemon?

You can evolve a Pokemon when it reaches to a certain level. Example:If you level up a Shinx to Level 15 it evolves into a Luxio and if you level up Luxio to level 30 you get a Luxray. But some Pokemon evlove by stone. Example: Use a water stone on Evee and it evolves into a Vaporion. Also Pok ( Full Answer )

How do the Pokemon that evolve evolve?

The Pokemon that can evolve can evolve with: Reaching a certain level, leveling with a certain held item, leveling with high happiness, using a stone on it (NOT Everstone), leveling during day/night, trading the Pokémon, trading the Pokémon with a certain held item, leveling up the Pokémon ( Full Answer )

How do Pokemon evolve on Pokemon deluge?

First you have to get them to a certain level then you must go to my Pokemon and click the evolve button on the desired Pokemon. Then you choose which attacks you want and you have your newly evolved Pokemon.

Can a Pokemon evolve on Pokemon indigo?

Yes, they can. In order to evolve the pokemon, you just go to your inbox, click your Pokemon, and click "Evolve". If it is able to evolve in its current state, it will.

Do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Black?

Yes, Pokémon are capable of evolving in Pokémon Black however not all Pokémon have evolutions so therefore not all Pokémon can evolve.

How do you evolve Pokemon on Pokemon Black?

There are different ways of evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Black. Most evolve by leveling up, others evolve by using a type of stone on them. But not all Pokémon can evolve. Reshiram and Zekrom is a good example to that.

What Pokemon do not evolve on Pokemon Black?

Audino,Zekrom,Sawk,Throh,Kyreum,Tornadus,Seviper, and Zangoose.These are Pokemon you can catch on Pokemon Black. I think that'sabout it. also alomomola

Why evolve Pokemon?

pokemon evolve is must because if you evolve pokemon it will turns to strong and cool but some of them a ugly .

Can you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon conquest?

It is imposable to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon conquest EDIT by Brambletalon598 Yes you can. The above answer is incorrect, and how do I know? Personal experience. My team that I used to beat the game is a Flareon, Jigglypuff, Rhyperior (from storyline, with Shingen), Charizard, Emboar, and Empol ( Full Answer )

Do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon conquest?

Yes, certain pokemon evolve in pokemon conquest but you need to meet certain requirement e.g. using an evolution stone, raising the link of the pokemon to a certain amount or doing it in a certain kingdom (these are not to be known as all of the ways). :)

How do you evolve Pokemon without going to the global trade station on Pokemon platinum?

You mean the ones that evolve through trade?. You can always meet up with a friend who has a Gen IV game (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum & HG/SS) and trade the traditional way: Put the Pokemon that needs to be traded to evolve in your party.. Both you and your friend should go into the Pokemon Center and ( Full Answer )