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it evolves by high friendship

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When riolu evolve?

If you want riolu to evolve, make him happy

What level does Riolu evolve at in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky?

Riolu doesn't not evolve at a certain level. Tp evolve Riolu, Riolu must have an IQ≥1. Also, the item Sun Ribbon must be obtained. Then, you may evolve Riolu.

How riolu evolve?

Riolu won't evolve unless it has max frienship with its trainer.

How do you evolve riolu in soul silver?

Riolu evolve by happiness during the day.

On what level does Riolu evolve?

Riolu evolves by happiness not level a male Riolu will evolve at around level 30-35.

How do you get riolu to evolve in Pokemon explorers of sky?

To get Riolu to evolve you must have a sun ribbon

Can an riolu evolve on HeartGold?

Riolu doesn't evolve until it has max frienship with its trainer.

How do you evolve riolu in Pokemon black?

Riolu will evolve from happiness, during the day time.

How do you evolve a level 100 riolu in diamond?

you can not evolve a riolu if its level100 I'm sorry

How do you evolve a riolu?

Make sure your Riolu is happy. When it is happy level it up and it will evolve into a Lucario!!!

How do you get lucrio in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Catch a Riolu and evolve Riolu.

How do you evolve riolu in Pokemon platinum?

riolu evolves by friendship so when it likes you enough it will evolve into lucario

What level does riolu evolve in heartgold?

Riolu doesn't evolve at a specific level. It evolves with maximum friendship.

What level does Riolu evolve at on Pokemon White?

Riolu will only evolve with a during the day and with 220 happiness.

What does riolu evolve into?


How does riolu evolve in Pokemon indigo?

You evolve Riolu by leveling it up to level 45 in Pokemon Indigo/UnovaRPG.

What level does riolu evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

answer riolu doesnt evolve by level it evolves by care and love

How do you make riolu evolve on Pokemon?

Riolu evolves when you have maxed out its friendship, it will evolve at the next levelup during daytime.

What level does Riolu evolve into Lucario in Pokemon Platinum?

(well first let me tell you this don,t trade Riolu because if you get him back or not he or she will not evolve)but anyway Riolu evolve at Lv.16 or 24

Which level Does Riolu evolve?

Riolu evolves with happiness during the day.

When does riolu in Pokemon platinum version evolve?

There is no set level for Riolu to evolve. Instead, it evolves with happyness. Heck, I've got a Riolu on level 59, but it hates me.

At what level does riolu evolve in pokemonbattlearenanet?

Riolu evolves after it likes you fully. When it has become fully attached to you it will evolve. There is no set level.

Where can you get a Lucario in PMD Explorers of Sky?

You can either start out as riolu then evolve it or you can rucruit a riolu from Crystal cave and evolve that one

What lvl do you evolve riolu in Pokemon white?

Riolu does not evolve at a specific level, its evolution is related to happiness. While levelling up does increase happiness, in theory a Riolu can evolve at Lv2 if happiness is increased by other methods.

What lvl does riolu evolve to Lucario?

Riolu evolves through happiness, by day.