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I am assuming that you want to exchange business cards with the intention of generating business. Exchanging business cards with someone is not really a good way to generate business. In fact it is unlikely that anyone you meet is going to give you any business at all as it is a very random process. First of all your own collection of business cards, where are they? Do you use them as a source of suppliers? Probably not... you probably think of them as a source of potential business, and it is likely that's how people view your card. What you really want is people to buy your products or services. Why should they? They are already getting this product or service from somewhere. Even if you think you have an absolutely new product or service that no one has thought of before, you don't, it must replace something. Think of Henry Ford's cars, no one had cars before then, not to any great degree anyway, so who was Ford in competition with? He was in competition with horses and carts, and Shanks' pony. You didn't need a stable to keep your car in, you didn't need a field for it to graze in, it cost nothing to keep only needed petrol to make it go. Which would you rather have, a horse or a car? So why should anyone buy your product or service? Who do you buy from? Usually you buy from someone you can trust, someone you have dealt with for some time, even if someone offers you a cheaper source, it is likely you will stay with the supply you know and trust. So how did you find your supplier in the first place? You probably asked someone for a recommendation. And that is the secret, you need people to recommend you to other people. Why should they do that? You need to demonstrate that you are trustworthy and reliable. You also need to bring yourself to their attention, it is a good idea to try and make yourself famous in your industry, you can do this by speaking at events. If your business is of a local nature, you could get involved in the local community. I know one local business man that has run several marathons for charity. I remember him! Know what he does, if anyone asks me for a supplier in his particular area of expertise than I am likely to mention his name.

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Q: How do you exchange business cards with someone?
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