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How alternators workAn alternator is an a.c. motor in reverse; the coils of the armature (the part that rotates) cuts through the magnetic field of the stator (the part that is stationary, which is what "stator" means). A current is produced whenever a wire cuts through a magnetic field; the amount of current depends upon the strength of the field and the speed of the wire. This current is coupled out of the armature by two copper rings and a pair of brushes. For automobiles, the a.c. (alternating) current is converted to d.c. (direct current) by rectifiers (also called diodes).

ERROR: A voltage is applied to the rotor winding by way of the slip rings. This creates an electro magnet who's field cuts across the stator windings. The stator winding voltage is an alternating current that is retified and regulated and is outputed out at the terminal on the back of the alternator. This is exactly the reverse of the above. If the above were true the brushes would smoke when a high current passed through them

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Q: How do you explain the magnetic effect of an alternator?
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Check voltage with a voltmeter at the battery With engine running readings should be 13.8-14.2 With engine running hold a screw driver to the back of the alternator, if there is no magnetic field, the alternator is bad.

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