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Polar substances dissolve other polar substances, and nonpolar substances dissolve other nonpolar substances. A polar substance cannot dissolve a polar substance and a nonpolar substance cannot dissolve a polar substance.

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Q: How do you explain the phrase like dissolves like in terms of polar and nonpolar substances?
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What is mean by the phrase like dissolves like?

it means that polar dissolves polar and nonpolar dissolves nonpolar

Could somebody explain the phrase like dissolves like?

This means that substances are more likely to dissolve in other substances with similar chemical properties. It is most often used when discussing polar and nonpolar solvents. For example, oil will not dissolve in water because oil is nonpolar and water is polar. Basically, a polar solvent will generally dissolve polar solutes and sometimes ionic solutes, and a nonpolar solvent will generally dissolve nonpolar solutes.

How is water equipped to break the relatively powerful ionic bonds making up crystals like sodium chloride?

Because of the phrase "like dissolves like". Both NaCl and water are made up of polar bonds and have a polar shape, so like dissolves like. If NaCl was nonpolar in its shape, the polar water would not be able to dissolve the nonpolar NaCl.

Explain the phrase like dissolves like and give an example of two like substances?

In chemistry, the term like dissolves like refers to the fact that similar type solutes will dissolve in solvents that have a similar type of chemical composition. Substances like water, acetone, and alcohol are polar molecules and so are soluble in each other. Substances that form non-polar molecules like oil and gasoline are soluble in each other. However, oil will not dissolve in water because of their different chemical bonds.

What do you mean by the phrase''like dissolves like''?

Without a specified context, I assume it means polar substances dissolve in polar solvents and non-polar substances dissolve in non-polar solvents.

What type of subtances dissolve easily in water?

Typically, polar substances dissolve readily in water, hence the phrase "like dissolves like" (since water is also polar).

Why hexanol is insoluble in water?

Water molecules are polar while hexanol (apart from the hydroxide group) is nonpolar due to its uniform ring structure. Remember the phrase like dissolves like. These aren't similar so hexanol is insoluble

How does detergents help oil and water mix?

Do you know the phrase " Like dissolves like "? it means that polar substances dissolve other polar substances, and non-polar substances dissolve non-polar substances. Oil is non-polar, while water is a polar substance. To help oil and water mix, molecules of a detergent have two halves- the hydrophilic half and the hydrophobic half. The hydrophilic part of the molecule is polar, which dissolves water molecules. The hydrophobic part is non-polar, so it dissolves the oil molecules. So, basically, detergent can dissolve both oil and water, mixing them effectively.

How is the phrase like dissolves like related to solubility?

How is the phrase like dissolves like related to solubility?Read more: How_is_the_phrase_like_dissolves_like_related_to_solubility

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What substances are more soluble in CCl4?

CCl4 is a non-polar molecule. Keep in mind the phrase "Like dissolves like." A non-polar molecule will be soluble in other non-polar molecules, as polar molecules will not be soluble in non-polar molecules, and vice versa. So the answer to your question is any non-polar molecule will generally be soluble in CCl4. Hope this helps.

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