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Depends on how you'd like to export them. Do you want to back them up or do you want to convert them to some other format?

Use import and export feature of the outlook express , or in simple words try to copy all the dbx file of the outlook express ( for example sent .dbx , inbox.dbx , etc )

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Q: How do you export Outlook Express messages?
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Can you export your contacts from outlook web access?

yes you can, it is under file->export contacts->export contact->(name ontact)^^^^^ The following answer above only refers to Outlook Express, not Outlook Web Access.

Can you recover Purged Messages from Outlook Express?

To recover outlook express data try to use following programming method below

What is the extension of outlook express file?

Microsoft Outlook Express stores email messages using files with the extension *.PBX. Stored emails are organized into subfolders inside the Outlook Express folder.

How do you recover outlook express missing inbox and folders?

You may recover outlook express data due to following utility it restores addresses, contacts, notes, messages

What are extension of outlook and outlook express?

Some of the important file extensions of Outlook and Outlook Express are mentioned as below :Microsoft Outlook :Outlook Data File (.pst)Offline Folder File (.ost)Personal Address Book (.pab)Offline Address Books (.oab)Messages (.msg, htm, .rtf)Stationary (.htm)Rules (.rwz)Outlook Express :Outlook Express data file (.dbx)Email Files (.eml)Email messages as text files (.txt)Address book (.wab)Contact information (.vcard)Internet Account files (.iaf)

How do you restore outlook express?

You can try to find and recover your messages from Outlook Express with Easy Mail Recovery software. The program uses original algorithms that assist in the recovery of a maximum number of messages even if the mail client cannot open the message database.

How do you import from outlook express to outlook 2007?

Use your windows mail in windows vista, import normally like you would with the old outlook express< file- import > messages, and so on, then go to outlook 2007 and import from windows mail from there! other ! there is no other way!

Can you export your address book from outlook express to outlook web access?

the version of outlook web access that I've seen doesn't have an import feature, so i'd imagine the answer to this'd be no

What is the difference between outlook outlook express?

what is the difference between outlook and outlook express

Can Outlook be retrieved from Outlook express?

There is no reason to retrieve Outlook files to Outlook Express as Express is no longer obtainable or supported. You can import files from Express to Outlook or Live mail.

How can you save Outlook Express messages?

You can archive them by going to file archive and selecting which messages you want to archive. Or you can create a folder and drop and drag them into the folder.

How do you copy Outlook Contacts for use on another PC?

You have to export the Outlook contacts for use. You can export to make a file and then import that file on other outlook.

Difference between Outlook and Microsoft Outlook express?

Difference between outlook and Microsoft outlook express? Outlook Express is part of Internet Explorer and comes with every version of Windows. Depending on what version of Internet Explorer you have will determine what version of Outlook Express you have. For example, IE 6 will have Outlook Express 6. Outlook itself is a more powerful version of Outlook Express and is separate from Internet Explorer. It can be purchased by itself or it can also come included with Microsoft Office.

How do you fix outlook express so it will send messages?

How are you wanting to send messages? automatically - something you set as a preference so it goes individually or as a batch? Please be more specific.

Does Windows 7 Home Premium contain Outlook or Outlook Express?

No, Outlook or Outlook Express has been replaced with Windows Live Mail.

What is the way to open my outlook express 2003 inbox with out opening the messages in it?

try looking in options, there may be an option that might let you do that.

Where can one download Outlook Express?

Outlook Express can be downloaded mainly from the Microsoft website. Other websites that have an Outlook Express download include Tucow and Softpedia.

How do you copy a pst folder on outlook to an external hard drive?

Using "Export" option, user can create a copy of the Outlook data PST file into another hard drive.Follow the given path to Export Outlook data:File >> Import and Export >> Export to a fileOutlook user can also export the Outlook PST data in various file formats such as CSV, PST TSV, MS-Excel etc.

How do you repair outlook express error 0x800C013A?

outlook express error 0x800C013A To fix such error, you can use an Outlook Express recovery program (avalable in the resouce below)

Is Outlook Express compatible with Vista?

Outlook express was renamed. And now its name in Vista is WinMail.

What is the purpose of the software Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is an email and newsgroup reader made by Microsoft.

What does export messages mean for text messages?


How do you configure att yahoo mail to download email to your computer through outlook express?

-Mail Stationery in Yahoo Mail with Outlook Express You can configure Yahoo Mail so that Outlook Express can be used to send and receive messages on your Yahoo Mail account. When you do this you are still also able to access your Yahoo Mail account online (via your web browser.) Accessing a Yahoo Mail account through Outlook Express has a number of advantages: * You can keep a large amount of e-mail without overflowing the storage available to you at Yahoo. * You can read your messages "offline". I.e. you can read them while your computer is not connected to the Internet. * E-Mail stationery will work. Most e-mail stationery uses "scripting", which is not supported by Yahoo Mail online (when you use Yahoo Mail in your web browser.) When you view the same messages in Outlook Express instead, you can see them as intended. If you already access your Yahoo Mail account this way, and you are not seeing received stationery correctly in Outlook Express, please click on one of the following links for more information about your version of Outlook Express: Outlook Express 5 and 5.5 Outlook Express 6 To set up your Yahoo Mail account for use in Outlook Express: Go to your Yahoo Mail account online in your web browser. Click Options Click Pop Access & Forwarding To Sign Up, you'll have to agree to accept e-mails of special offers from Yahoo. Select the categories of offers you are willing to receive, then click Finished. Use the defaults on the next screen ("Web and POP Access", and "HTML Messages") and click Submit. Now you will be at a page which is titled "Pop Configuration". You might want to bookmark this page and/or print it, in case you ever reinstall Outlook Express. Near the bottom of this page is a link titled "Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express". Click that link and follow the instructions there to finish the setup. After you finish the above setup you will be able to pick up and send Yahoo Mail messages using Outlook Express.

How do you import from outlook express to outlook 2010?

Using Import feature in MS-Outlook, user can import Outlook express data into Outlook 2010. You can follow the given path to import Outlook data file (.pst).File >> Open >> Import and Export Wizard >> Import From another file >> Outlook Data File (Select) >> Browse (click)After selecting the particular Outlook Data File and browsing , user have to set the options for importing. Finally give the path for imported file in MS-Outlook.Note: If Outlook Data File is password protected then, you have to enter the password at the time of importing.

How does one set up an Outlook Express email account?

Outlook Express is a very popular email program. One can download the Outlook Express software on the Microsoft website and obtain an outlook email address for free by signing up at hotmail or outlook.