How do you fight a temporary restraining order case?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you fight a temporary restraining order case?
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How do you fight a temporary restraining order in Ohio?

When you were served with the TRO, you should have been given a court date (most likely on the paper) and you will need to appear in court to plead your case.

How do you get a restraining order on your sisters boyfriend?

You need to file a request with local law enforcement or the local court system. In most places the police will enact a temporary restraining order until a judge can hear your case and set definite terms and conditions

Should you pay restraining order to a plaintiff instead of your landlord?

The question makes no sense. There is no payment of a restraining order. To obtain a restraining order, you either contact your local law enforcement agency and have a temporary order filed, or you motion the courts for an order, in which case you pay a motion fee to the court. Nothing is paid to the plaintiff, and the only reason your landlord would be involved is if he is the plaintiff or the defendant.

If someone was contact whom there is a restraining order against what can happen?

they can be charged with contempt of court - violation of restraining order. The actual penalties vary case by case.

How do you win a restraining order court case if you failed to follow the restraining order and saw the person that you weren't supposed to .?

You don't.

What happens when the person filing a restraining order doesnt show up in court?

The case would be drop

How can one abstain from a restraining order in the US?

For an individual to abstain from a restraining order in the United States, do not create or cause any criminal activities. A restraining order can last several days to years, depending on the case.

Does a no contact order expire when the restraining oder expires?

Traditionally the no contact order and restraining order are synonymous with each other. however, some judges will also write the no contact on the court paperwork. If that is the case then it does not expire. However, if he did not then the no contact dissolves when the restraining or expires

Can you remove a restraining order?

In the USA a person can remove a restraining order by reaching the County courthouse where it was issued and petition the Court regarding its procedures and regulations to have the restraining order removed. Once you have that information you or your attorney can ask for a Court date whereby your case for having the restraining order removed can be presented. In many cases these restraining orders were issued as you were named as a threat or possible threat to a person or persons. Be prepared to provide evidence that the threat or implied threat has no foundation in facts.

You must delay jail time going to jail tomorrow and have a restraining order case against someone in 1 week?

The judge may, or may not, delay your report time to jail. If he doesn't, when your restraining order case comes up they will just ship you over from jail to attend it.

Can an individual file a restraining order against a judge?

not sure if you mean whether or not you can file a restraining order against any judge or a judge you are dealing with in a case. the latter may present some problems whereas the former may be considered a person like anyone else not immune from the application of a restraining order if necessary. To be clear, a restraining order order is a Court order against an individual, which prevents them from having any sort of contact with another individual. You need to have a legitimate reason why you are requesting the restraining order. There are different types of restraining orders but they are typically applied when an individual feels that they are being threatened, stalked, or abused by another so keep that in mind.

Can my parents file a restraining order against my boyfriend because the think he's not good enough for me?

You need a legal cause to obtain a restraining order. If the boy has been violent or threatened violence, or if it is a case where you are underage and he is an adult, so sex would be rape, that would give them cause to obtain a restraining order. They cannot simply take out a restraining order without cause.