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what you do is an experiment. get a bowl with 3 cups of normal water. then get another bowl with 3 cups of salt water. then get some items to test it with. after you tried an item clean it and dry it. do the test more than once

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Q: How do you figure out if things float better in salt water or in normal water?
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Does salt make things float better?

dawdadawdawd yes

Will a gas bottle with pressurized air float better then one with normal air?

No. If anything, it'll be the other way around. The pressurized bottle is a little heavier, and will float lower.

What is a liquid that makes things float?

It is quite common for various things to float in water. But any liquid can cause things to float.

Why do things float in the air?

things float in air because of density

Do objects float the same in salt water and fresh water?

objects float better because chemicals help make the objects float higher. the more salt the higher the things go

How do you make things float?

You can't make things float, things float by it's self's it's density is lower than 1 it can float, if it's density is greater than 1 it can't float.

Do things float in alcohol?

Yes. For every fluid, there are things that float in it ... they just have to be things that are less dense than the fluid. That's how stones float in mercury, logs float in water, and hot balloons float in air.

Does sea salt make things float?

Yes any salt can make things float

Will a hot air balloon float better on a summer day or winter day?

it will float better in winter

Why do objects float better in salt water then in normal water?

Because saltwater has a higher density. It's like if you were to try to float a rock in water and then in wet concrete, it will stay afloat on the concrete because it is more dense.

What shapes float best?

I would say a circle shaped piece of wood (hollow) would float best because a normal piece of wood floats pretty well (square). But a circle piece of wood would float even better cause its even & hollow.

Why wont a paper boat float on normal water?

Because a paper boat does not have balance to float