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How do you figure out the date of conception to know if you are the father?


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If your girlfriend doesn't know the conception date, I don't think there's really any way anyone could tell you.

Even a baby's due date or actual delivery date offers no real clue as to the exact date of conception.

You might try the conception calculator linked under more info in the right column.

You can always get a DNA test, or you can trust your girlfriend and love the baby as your own any way.

A women generally ovulates 14-18days after the first day of her last menstrual period. If you know the first day of your last menstrual period then you can estimate the week conception occurred.

Given that sperm can live for days within the women, during the conception date may be difficult. If a women has sex on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with three different men, any of them can be the father.

Set your mind at ease and get a DNA test.

You really won't be able to pinpoint the exact date. you can find aproximately by knowing the day her last period started and how long her cycles are. It would be an aproximation though.

Hopefully you are still on good terms with your girlfriend, if you should attend the doctor visits, then one thing is of great help, when the first ultrasound is given, hopefully before the 11th week, there is a measurement that is given called a crown rump length, this is very very accurate in telling the gestational age of the child. after the 13th week, the baby is able to curl so the accuracy is not there, the spinal segements have formed. Crown rump length will give you a very accurate date. Good Luck. I hope everything works out for you.


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If you know your date of conception, all you have to do is add 9 months to find out your approximate due date.

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Find out when your due date is because you can work out your conception date from that

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They are quite accurate, but no-one can know for sure when the conception date was

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You would need to know your conception date and go from there. If the date is not a pin point date, you might opt for a DNA test.

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id say in July would be conception cuz if you count from august to may that's ten months!! Id say that conception occured around August 17th. In order to calculate the date of conception, Google 'how to calculate dates of conception' Healthlink is the best site, they allow u to calculate backwards from your due date to conception.

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