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go to and go in psylab, it tells you Mew

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Q: How do you figure out the letters for the Pokemon Unown?
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How do you decode the Pokemon Unown message?

You have to make out what letters they resemble.

Where can you find an unown letter key for Pokemon? With pictures of the unown next to the letters. Enjoy!

What are the the letters of the unown?

Unown features letters A-Z and an ! and ?.

Where is unown in pearl?

unown are pokemon that look like letters and i think their are 26 or 27 unown and can be found in solaceon town in the caves they are called solaceon ruins

What do you do in the unknown dungeon in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue?

You recruit the Unown. (Unown are pokemon that come in different forms because they represent the letters of the alphabet) Some people try to get all the Unown's forms.

What Pokemon is 114 in the Sinnohdex?

Unown is Pokemon 114 in the Sinnohdex (#201 in the National Index at Bulbapedia).It is a 28-type Pokemon corresponding to letters of the alphabet, ? and ! (English).You can find Unown in the Solaceon Ruins.

What type of Pokemon is Unown?

Unown is a Psychic type pokemon.

What moves can an unown learn?

Unown is a second generation Pokemon that has as many forms as the English alphabet has letters. It only learns one move, Hidden Power.

What does the code mean on the floor in the ruins in soul silver?

Its in Unown text so all the letters are in the shapes of pokemon.

Can you catch a legendary Pokemon after you catch all the unown?

Sinnoh Once you catch the 26 letters of the alphabet in Unown, the Maniac Tunnel on Route 214 will be complete, allowing you to catch Unown in '!' and '?' forms. Other than that, nothing else is unlocked.

Who is Pokemon 114 in Pokemon Diamond?


What Pokemon is 114 in Pokemon Diamond?


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