How do you file taxes when one spouse is working and the other spouse is on social security?

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Can a divorced spouse receive railroad retirement and social security?

Hi I am 55 years of age. My ex husband is 61. We were married for 22 years while he worked for the railroad. He just recently retired from the railroad after 40 years and is drawing his retirement. I am asking can I draw my portion of his railroad retirement and my own social security that I have pa ( Full Answer )

Why file single on your federal taxes when you are married and does it effect your spouse if one of you dies?

If you are married, you cannot (and should not) file single. Your choices are Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately.. The only time I usually see a Married Filing Separate return is either if the spouses, as a rule, just keep all of their finances separate, or if one of them owes taxe ( Full Answer )

Can you draw Social Security benefits from your living spouse?

Yes, under certain circumstances. If you are at least 62 years old, you can draw spousal benefits of up to 50% of your qualifying living spouse's monthly entitlement, but your spouse must retire or already be retired before you become eligible for benefits. If the working spouse has reached full ret ( Full Answer )

One spouse file bankruptcy?

Business bankruptcy? The other spouse will probably not be liable unless their name appears as an officer of the company. Personal bankruptcy? Yes, it will probably affect the other spouse.

Does the spouse have any claim to the deceased social security?

What you are referring to is what is commonly called 'survivor's benefits' or 'survivorship benefits'. The spouse, children, and even an ex-spouse could be eligible for these benefits. Every situation is different though and not everyone will qualify or receive these type of benefits. The best pl ( Full Answer )

If your spouse is in prison what should your filing status be when you file your taxes?

It will be the same although you can take it to court and testify. Answer . Your individual state laws may say otherwise, but you should be able to file "Married Filing Jointly. Your spouse incarecerated will have no reportable income, so should not affect the filing.. It varies by state though ( Full Answer )

If a spouse owes taxes will it affect the other spouses tax return?

Yes. ADDED: First answer is correct - in a general sense.... it is a question as to the extent and depth to which the other spouse will be affected. There are too many variables (not included in the question), to be any more specific. Have they always filed individual (as opposed to joint) retur ( Full Answer )

What is the tax form needed for a spouse who doesn't have a social security number?

If your spouse is eligible for a social security number, you need to contact Social Security to complete Form ss-5 (Application for a Social Security Card), which is a Social Security Administration form. If your spouse is a nonresident/resident alien who isn't eligible for a social security card ( Full Answer )

Can you draw Social Security on a divorced spouse?

You can if you were married for at least 10 years, but not until you reach the age of eligibility to receive Social Security benefits. If you have been married more than once, and if you were married to each husband at least 10 years, I believe you can actually file on the one which would pay the ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if a spouse has filed a tax return?

The obvious answer is to ask your spouse. If that is not an option, have your divorce attorney ask your spouse's attorney. You can call the IRS and ask them if by any chance a joint return has been filed with your name on it, but they won't tell you if your spouse filed a separate return. I ( Full Answer )

Does the owner of the P.C. have to file a separate income tax return from his spouse if she isn't working?

A professional corporation (P.C.) might file as a single-member entity (sole proprietor), a partnership, or as a corporation. Each of these categories has its own specific income reporting form that has no connection to your filing status (Married Filing Jointly, Single, etc.). But you'd be filing ( Full Answer )

Can only one spouse file bankruptcy when the other one owns the cars and house?

In general, the filing of bankruptcy by one spouse will not affect the other spouse's financial situation. A debt is created by contract between a debtor and a creditor - each debtor must sign the contract to be liable for payment. Therefore, the bankruptcy of one spouse does not cause the o ( Full Answer )

Do you file your taxes if your on disability have gotten married spouse works and have kids?

If you have a spouse, you may file a joint tax return with your spouse whether or not you have any taxable income yourself. In virtually all cases, filing jointly results in paying less combined tax than being married filing separately. And not filing jointly could make your wife ineligible for cert ( Full Answer )

After a divorce a spouse filed the taxes as married filing jointly and kept more than 50 percent of the return. What are the options for the other spouse?

If you were no longer married at the end of the day on December 31th, you cannot file a joint return. The other spouse should simply file a legitimate return for themselves and not worry about what their ex-spouse did. If you try to e-file, it will probably be rejected, but you should then file o ( Full Answer )

Can a teacher collect Social Security from a spouse?

Call 1-800-772-1213 or visit Social Security Online for answers. You should contact SSA for specific answer. Of course a teacher can collect social security from a spouse. HOWEVER, if a teacher worked in a state whose teachers do NOT pay into Social Security (there are 14 of them), their spouse's ( Full Answer )

Can you draw Social Security disability if your spouse works?

Yes. Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits are not means-tested; if you qualify to receive disability compensation as an individual, your benefits will not be reduced by another household member's earned income.

Does a surviving spouse draw half or all of the others social security?

In 2007 my mother at the time was 64 and drawing social security from her spouse who passed away in Aug 2006. In 2007 she only earned $14,040.00. Then in 2008the next year at age 65 she earned $32,220.00. Social Security is trying to make her pay back over 8,000.00 for the year 2008. Why is she havi ( Full Answer )

Can your spouse and ex spouse both collect Social Security under your benefit?

Yes. See the following excerpts from the Social Security website at the related link provided below: Spouse's benefits: A spouse who has not worked or who has low earnings can be entitled to as much as one-half of the retired worker's full benefit. If you are eligible for both your own retireme ( Full Answer )

How do you file as an injured spouse on taxes?

Go to the Internal Revenue Service web page and use the search box for form 8379 go to page 2. Form 8379 is filed by one spouse (the injured spouse) on a jointly filed tax return when the joint overpayment was (or is expected to be) applied (offset) to a past-due obligation of the other spouse. By ( Full Answer )

Can spouses file taxes separately?

YES they can if each choose to file as married filing separate on a separate federal 1040 income tax return.

Would you pay spouse support if you on social security?

It depends. Were you ordered to pay spousal support in the divorce decree, and for what length of time? If you were, then you pay. Otherwise, it is up to you. If you want to help support your ex for whatever personal reasons, then do so. Otherwise it is not your obligation. Social Security is income ( Full Answer )

Does a married couple have to file joint taxes if one is on Social Security and the other is on Disability?

It is possible for some of the social security benefits to become taxable on any individuals income tax return. Your question about the other being on Disability is not clear because it does not specify what kind. How much, if any, of your social security benefits are taxable depends on your t ( Full Answer )

You did not work and your spouse owes tax are you responsible?

On the married filing joint income tax return it is not the spouse that owes the tax because the spouse worked and earned the income it is we owe taxes on the joint income tax return because the spouse worked and earned the income. If this is about some past due taxes that the spouse owes then the b ( Full Answer )

Do you have to file a joint tax return with your spouse if you don't work?

Assuming we are talking about filing federal income tax in the US ... No, you don't have to file a joint tax return, but you will probably pay more taxes or lose some tax credits if you file separately. When is it a good idea to file separately? If you think your spouse is evading taxes and you ( Full Answer )

Can a person who has never worked collect Social Security if you have no spouse you are 18 and your mom is disabled?

Possibly. You can collect Social Security disability benefits under a parent's earnings record if you are determined to be disabled before age 22, even if you have never worked. At 18, you are no longer eligible to receive dependent benefits unless you are still in high school, in which case you ( Full Answer )

Can your divorced spouse draw off your social security?

If you were married at least 10 years and the spouse has not remarried, then he/she would receive the standard 50% share from your social security pension. It does not lower your payments however. Parenthetically, you can remarry and get divorced numerous times, and the spouse will each get 50% sha ( Full Answer )

Does a spouse have to pay alimony if he goes on social security disability?

Alimony is usually paid to one or other of the divorced partners from a marriage. It is also usually set by the court as part of the divorce settlement. However if the divorcee paying the alimony circumstances change then it would be reasonable to go back to the court and ask for the agreement to be ( Full Answer )

Can a surviving spouse receive social security benefits?

Generally yes, assuming you were legally married and didn't do them in. The surviving spouse can collect when they reach 62. If a surviving spouse is caring for a child who is receiving survivor benefits the spouse can also collect a benefit while the child is receiving benefits, and then it stops u ( Full Answer )

Can a spouse collect anther spouses social security if they have not lived together in 30 years?

If the spouses are still legally married, then all of the regular rules apply - there is no restriction for living in the same household. If eligible, spousal benefits can be payable to one spouse based on the other spouse's record. The other spouse must have filed for benefits to enable this spousa ( Full Answer )

How do you file your taxes if your spouse is in jail?

Any married person has the option of filing as "Married filing separately" which requires no reporting or signature of the spouse. You can also still file as "Married filing jointly" if you both wish to do so as long as you can get the spouse's signature.

Can you draw your deceased spouses social security and pension if your remarry?

Whether or not you have worked during your lifetime and earned Social Security, you may qualify for benefits on a spouse's record. This is the case even if you are divorced or widowed. As with regular Social Security benefits, you will qualify beginning at age 62 (you may qualify earlier for survivo ( Full Answer )