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All you need to do is call your Insurance Company and ask for the claims department.

You can report your loss by phone.

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Or nothing at all. You owned the house at the time of the fire. It was YOUR property that was damaged, and you owned fire insurance to cover yourself against a loss from fire. When you sold your fire-damaged home, you took a hit on the sale price: you didn't get as much as you would have had the house been perfect. You are entitled to whatever the claim adjuster estimated the cost of the repair would be.

No. Insurance benefits from a house fire would be considered a swap of assets. You cannot take a deductible loss on your taxes for the loss that was reimbursed by insurance.

It is either a claim for a fire or it is any type of homeowners claims since homeowners policies used to be called fire policies.

She can buy a new policy all day long and claim she had never had a policy cancel if: 1. She is the only person on the deed to the house. 2. She never had a policy cancel.

Probably not, but if you have an insurance company that employs jerks, you just can't tell. They would probably be much more tolerant of the first claim if you put up a lightning rod when you rebuild the house.

is fire insurance or medi claim (health ins) or motor insurance or life insurance which of them is a contract of indemnity

My house burned down and I am trying to file a claim for fire and smoke damage. How do insurance companies know how much to compensate for the damage? Do they look at your inventory list?


So if anything were to happen to your business e.g a fire then you can use the insurance claim to fix it

Try calling your insurance company.

Treatment of goods lost by fire etc. and insurance claim thereof :--Goods worth Rs. 10,000 lost by fire. Insurance claim is yet to be received for Rs. 6000.In this circumstance, goods worth Rs.10,000 (which is lost by fire) is to be credited in trading account separately ( not to be clubbed with closing stock).Then since Rs.6000/- is to be received by insurance claim. (so we are not received ,we have to receive)so this should be posted at asset side of the balance sheetRs.4000/- to be debited in profit loss account.(Because its a loss)

House contents insurance provides insurance coverage for the possessions in your house in case of fire, theft or other damages. If you have a lot of things or your possessions are worth a lot of money you should have this type of insurance.

If you have fire insurance on your own home you will be covered under your own policy. You don't need to worry about whether the neighbors house has insurance or not. It does not affect the coverage you have under your own policy.

It is not literally true that buying insurance is saving money. Insurance is designed to give you financial protection from specific problems. For example, if your house burns down but you have fire insurance, you will be compensated and will be able to buy another house. That would save you money, as compared to what would have happened if your house burned down and was not insured, forcing you to spend money on another house or some other form of housing. But if your house never burns down and you have fire insurance, then the fire insurance is just an expense, it does not save you money.

No, an insurance company can not force you to rebuild your house after a fire. They can tell you how much they are willing to offer you for the damage on your home. At that point you can decide whether to rebuild or move.

It is always good to know exactly where you are to be able to afford house insurance or not. It is really important to have house insurance in case of fire, etc. Here is a calculator:

Insurance is there in the hope that you will never need it! For instance, having your home fully insured would be an asset if your house suffered a fire and was totally gutted. But, if you never suffer a fire gutted house, your insurance payments are outgoing payments that are not recoverable.

Dr Cr By: Loss by fire A/c 2000 By: Insurance Co A/c 10000 To: Goods destroyed by fir A/c 12000

The obvious answer is after an accident, theft or fire.

You can buy it anywhere, depending though on the reason for the fire you may pay a higher premium than before.

You will have to ask a Home Builder (Contractor) about how long it will take to rebuild your house. Your insurance company can usually resolve the claim portion withing 60 days. If you are having a disagreement with them then it could take longer. Your Homeowners Insurance company won't be rebuilding the house, they just pay the bill to whomever you choose to as the contractor to build the house for you.

your sadness can be cured if your house was insured in a fire insurance before it was burned and the insurance can help you through your claims

Your homeowners insurance will pay. Whether or not the subrogate to the neighbors coverage is up to them. You may also want to consider a Public Adjuster, who is on your side in this mess. He can help you press your claim and get the maximum you have coming. The average settlement is 42% higher when Public Adjuster is engaged!

You will get it from the fire then go to the kerosene and fill the lantern up.

NO, not unless it is a total loss. If your house is being repaired by your insurance policy you must continue to make your mortgage payments.