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All you need to do is call your Insurance Company and ask for the claims department.

You can report your loss by phone.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: How do you fill out insurance claim after house fire?
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If you sell your fire damaged home prior to the payment of the insurance claim are you still entitled to the insurance money?

Or nothing at all. You owned the house at the time of the fire. It was YOUR property that was damaged, and you owned fire insurance to cover yourself against a loss from fire. When you sold your fire-damaged home, you took a hit on the sale price: you didn't get as much as you would have had the house been perfect. You are entitled to whatever the claim adjuster estimated the cost of the repair would be.

How long does it take for black smoke to fill a house?

depends how big the source is and where the fire is. It will fill faster if the fire is at the bottom of the house

What is fire insurance claim?

It is either a claim for a fire or it is any type of homeowners claims since homeowners policies used to be called fire policies.

Do you have to pay taxes on an insurance claim from a house fire?

No. Insurance benefits from a house fire would be considered a swap of assets. You cannot take a deductible loss on your taxes for the loss that was reimbursed by insurance.

I had a house fire last year and my insurance company dropped me after the claim Can my girlfriend purchase a homeowners insurance policy and claim that she has never had a canceled policy?

She can buy a new policy all day long and claim she had never had a policy cancel if: 1. She is the only person on the deed to the house. 2. She never had a policy cancel.

Will your homeowners insurance be at risk for termination if the only claim in years is for a small house fire caused by lightning?

Probably not, but if you have an insurance company that employs jerks, you just can't tell. They would probably be much more tolerant of the first claim if you put up a lightning rod when you rebuild the house.

Why Life insurance contract is not a contract of indemnity?

is fire insurance or medi claim (health ins) or motor insurance or life insurance which of them is a contract of indemnity

Is homeowner's insurance liable if your car is at their house and is destroyed by a fire at their house?


What is the importance of insurance in business world?

So if anything were to happen to your business e.g a fire then you can use the insurance claim to fix it

How do home insurance companies determine compensation amounts?

My house burned down and I am trying to file a claim for fire and smoke damage. How do insurance companies know how much to compensate for the damage? Do they look at your inventory list?

How to get help after a house fire?

Try calling your insurance company.

How to settle insurance claim caused by fire in respect of goods held in trust by a godown keeper?


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