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Chrysler Sebring Convertible Fluid Fill with hydraulic fluid

A. On top of one end of the convertible top pump is a rubber fill plug, remove it and fill it to the bottom of the fill hole. Here is the proper procedure.

Rotate and raise the motor/pump assembly so the reservoir is in the up position. The rubber filler plug will be at the top. Raise the motor and pump fitting to at least 2" above the horizontal rear seat back reinforcement. Tilt the motor and pump assembly to approximately the 10 o'clock position, with the rubber filler plug still at the top. CAUTION: The motor and pump assembly must remain in the current position until the rubber filler plug is reinstalled in step 7.

Remove the rubber fill plug from the reservoir. Fill the hydraulic system by adding Dexron 2 Automatic Transmission Fluid to the bottom of the fill hole. CAUTION: Do not operate the top switch in the "up", closing the top, direction.

With two people, activate the top switch in the "down" (opening the top) position to fully retract the cylinder rods and hold for approximately 5 seconds, until the motor and pump stalls. A percolating or gurgle sound/feeling is an indication that the procedure is working. Top off the pump with Dexron 2 and insert the filler plug.

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Q: How do you fill the hydraulic fluid on your 1998 Chrysler Sebring?
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