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If your neighbors have a well, find out what company they used, and go with that one. Most companies charge for each hole drilled, even if they don't hit water. We went with the same company that our neighbors used, and they hit water right away, as they are familiar with where the water is in the area. We have friends that weren't quite so fortunate and paid $2500, and still NO water! The company will usually be able to give you all of the info you need on septic systems as well. They are usually under directional drilling or well servicing company in the yellow pages. Good Luck!

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How do you do a septic tank cleaning?

To do a septic tank cleaning you must open the tank, have means to get the waste out, and have a place to put it. This can usually be done with a septic truck which has a tube which will suction most of the waste from the tank.

What is a drill jig?

A device to put repeat drill jobs in, so you will drill the same place each time.

What are some responsibilities that property buyers should carry out?

Property buyers should carry out responsibilities such as paying the title premium, notary fee's and home owners transfer fee's. Other responsibilities include inspecting the septic systems and making sure smoke detectors are in place.

Can we place septic tank under the building?

In most localities this is not allowed. However, a sealed holding tank, which can be pumped to a septic system might be allowed, check with your plumbing inspector.

How do you drill on club pengiun?

To drill on clubpenguin you must have the miner hat its free in the mine then, you dance (which is on the actions place)

If a piece of land had a septic tank before do you have to reapply for a new septic tank permit?

If the old tank is still in place and usable, probably not. If it has been removed then yes. Regulation may have changed and in some places septic tanks may no longer be allowed.

How do you use a bench drill?

# place drill bit in hole # tighten with chuck key # place material in vice under drill # turn on # pull down handle slowly # ease through material # raise lever # turn off

What is drill jig?

It's like a physical plan that you can put over an item to drill the hole in the exact same place, time after time.

How much is the average council tax?

About £30 weekly but it varies from place to place and property to property.

Where do you get the hat and drill on Club Penguin?

you go to the mines and go to the place where you drill for coins and you see a driller and a drill hat near the entrance where you just went through then go to it and pick up the items.

Where would you place a well in respect to a septic system so not to contaminate the well water?

A well should be placed at least 100 ft away from the septic field. Most municipalities now have regulations concerning this.

How do you remove a drill dit from a drill with a keyless chuck?

If you have the drill in your hand with the chuck away from you, if the rotation goes clockwise it is going forward and if it is counterclockwise it is going in reverse. When you use the drill you usually go forward. To remove the drill bit look for the reverse lever and once it is going counterclockwise place your hand on the front part of the chuck and the drill bit should be released.

Can a debt collector place a lien on your property without your knowledge?

i paid taxes on a property. i want to know how to place a lien on that property for the amount paid.

Does a sheriffs deed of trust eliminate a 1st Senior Mortgage?

No. The mortgage remains in first place as an encumbrance against the property.No. The mortgage remains in first place as an encumbrance against the property.No. The mortgage remains in first place as an encumbrance against the property.No. The mortgage remains in first place as an encumbrance against the property.

Can too much rain affect your septic system?

Yes, the ground can become saturated and the laterals have no place to drain to.

When was the lifeboat drill supposed to take place on the titanic?

April 13, 1912

Why do you use a jig?

To hold your work in place whilst you drill holes in your template

Can a buyer of real estate property place a lien for repairs to property prior to the closing date?

No. The buyer has no authority to place a lien on the property and no cause of action for which to sue.

Who invented the bow drill?

The bow drill was first used in the Neolithic era in what is now Balochistan, Pakistan. The place it was used was called Mehrgarh. It was inhabited by Chalcolithic people.

How do you put a scope on a gun that has no rails?

Drill and tap for screws to hold rail in place.

Can repossession take place on private property?

Yes. If the property is found it can be retreived.

What is a septic aerator?

All septic tanks and as a matter of fact 99% of all life in the septic tank is oxygen based. It is simply that the smelly life uses the oxygen attached to sulfur because no free oxygen is available. When they use sulfur based oxygen they really stink up the place, "smells like rotten eggs." When you provide bubbled oxygen they use it instead and DO NOT make the nasty smells. Septic aerators bubble oxygen into a septic tank by several different means, including solar powered septic aeration systems. Just like the large municipal wastewater treatment plants work, when you bubble air or introduce oxygen into a septic tank, you can improve treatment 20 times or more using the same amount of space and time.

What does it mean to know the drill?

To 'know the drill' means that a person has practiced the steps or procedures involved in some process to the point that they are able to do it without any thought. The term 'drill' comes from close order drill, which means marching in ranks while performing turns, marching in place, changing step, and other actions.

Why does inertia take place?

It does not "take place" it is a property of a mass in motion.

What are the safety rules for using a drilling machine?

Keep all loose objects out of the way of rotating parts. Bring drill bit into contact slowly. Make sure work is clamped to drill table. Make sure drill table is locked in place.