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exit the pet shop then follow him

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Q: How do you find Eddie the snake on poptropica?
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Where is the snake on Poptropica?

There are snakes all over in Poptropica. On Night Watch Island, you have to chase a coral snake named Eddie around the mall. He goes to MacGuffin's, then to Sizzle, then to the Chinese food stand in the atrium.

On poptropica how do you get threw the laybirth?

U find the bone puzzle and splell "TEN" and go through to the snake puzzle; and hit the red eye snake

Where do you find what to give to the snake on night watch island?

The favorite snack of Eddie the snake (as mentioned by his owner) is birds. But you can get a robot bird from Giuseppe's Toys. You still have to catch up to the snake to feed it to him.

How do you catch Eddie the snake in Poptropica?

In Poptropica Night Watch Island you have to maneuver Little Eddie behind the counter. When you set the trap for him to eat the bird you are given the message that there's no need to catch him now, the per shop owner will take care of him in the morning. Make sure that you start to chase him after he exits Sizzle Tanning and the Chinese restaurant.

How do you pass the snake part in poptropica?

Click on the red-eyed snake 3 times.

What do you do with the snake wrangler costume in poptropica?

say thank you

How do you catch the coral snake on Poptropica?

According to sites about the game Poptropica, the coral snake can only be caught by waiting right outside the hole and then clicking really hard and fast.

Where do you grab the snake on mythology poptropica?

Nobody knows exacaly when the snake is going to pop up. Click really fast when you see the snake.

Where does the snake go after he takes the scooter on Night Watch Island?

No one knows, and you do not have to find him. Eddie will come back to help out in the end.

How do you catch the red eyed snake thrice on poptropica?

catch the red eyed snake on the head 3 times.

How do you catch the snake on poptropica?

The Red-eyed Snake (Mythology island)You just need to wait at one hole for the snake to come then click fast. You have to hit the snake three times.Eddie the Snake (Night Watch island)Follow him to MacGuffin's, Sizzle tanning, and the Chinese food stand. You need a robot bird from the toy store.

What do you do when you find 24601 in Poptropica?

after you find 24601 on poptropica find a place where you have to crack the code

Where can you find a snake?

you can definitely find a snake in grassy areas.

How do you find engraver Poptropica?

there is no engraver poptropica.

Where do you find the Spy Next Door store on Poptropica?

you can find it in early poptropica

Where do you find a gun on Poptropica?

You can never find a gun in poptropica in your life sorry

How do you get the red eyed snake in mitholgy island?

gg4522 needs the tings on poptropica

Where to get the key to the lock in poptropica?

Its in the tree of immortal on the top you need to jump on the snake to get there

Where do you go when you get to the snake in poptropica mystery train island?

You okay I DONT KNOW

How can I find a snake in my house?

Errrrm. I am sorry but why do you have to find snake in your house.

How do you catch Eddie the snake with the wind up bird on Night Watch island?

You have to follow Eddie the snake as he goes to the stores: MacGuffin's, then Sizzle, then the Chinese Food stand in the atrium. Use the bird, but he slithers away anyway.

How do you find the Yogos arcade on Poptropica?

it is in early poptropica

Where can you find a snake ray?

You can find a snake ray up youre mamas a**

How do you get up on top of the building without the snake biting you in poptropica?

jump over the snakes

Where do you find the Poptropica friends photo on early Poptropica?

in the bathroom