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How do you find a complete bolt assembly for an Iver Johnson 22 safety rifle model 2X?


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This was probably either a Safety Hammer Model or Safety Hammerless Model made from 1892 to 1950. In the 2004 Blue Book the Hammerless was worth $60 in 60% condition and $125 in 100% condition and the Safety Hammer model was worth $40 and $100 respectively.

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At a good gunsmith's shop. Maybe Numrich's Gun Parts (search gunpartscorp) For the complete trigger guard assembly, including trigger, safety, springs, pins etc., you can get it from Numrich, Midway USA, Brownells or direct from Marlin. If it's just the trigger or other individual trigger guard parts you need, you'll have to get those from Numrich for a different model Marlin.

your Johnson is a 1985 year model

707 gun shop inc. in Myrtlebeach,S.C. has a working parts gun. contact them at 843-650-7468 ,10 am to 6 pm mon-fri.

Pull the cocking piece back and rotate clockwise. The small knob on it will fit into a 2nd shallow notch on the bolt assembly.

I am also looking for parts for a J.C.Higgins 22 cal Model 43. I need the complete bolt assembly!

Are you in need of a firing pin or the complete bolt assembly? If you need any parts for this firearm, contact: Dean at Chippewa Trading Post 208-832-2275 He has a complete model 83 that he is going to part out.

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