How do you find a credit card counseling program?

Usually, a credit counseling agency will attempt to get you a lower interest rate on your credit cards in order to coax you into paying them down. The creditors do not have to accept these terms and can easily reject you, but this is usually based upon your own financial situation and the type of relationship that the credit counseling agency you go with has with your debtors. More often then not, these credit counseling agencies will have a relationship already with these major creditors and already know how much money that they will get as a result of working with them and how much the interest rate will be reduced because of it. You can usually expect to pay back your entire balance on the debt that you owe and anywhere between six and twelve percent of the interest. This is about half of what your normal interest would be. Again, they do not have to do any of this, but it is what typically will occur when you go through a credit counseling service. When you speak with the potential credit counseling agency be sure that you get all the exact terms and conditions from them. They will usually try to have all of your late payment fees reverted, but this tends to happen when you have a proven track record of about half of a year with them of solid payments.