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How do you find a good medical clinic in Mexico?

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If you are looking for a "GOOD" medical clinic in Mexico with the same standards as the US you will be very hard pressed to find such a place. The US has much higher standards than Mexico. The question you need to ask yourself is, Why am I looking for a clinic in Mexico, Is my life worth taking the risk of huge side effects of substandard care? Do I want to risk it? My answer would be NO to all the above. Do not allow someone to practice bad medicine on you. Be very careful. It is not worth the risk! You would not allow a Vet to practice medicine on you or your family, would you? This is the standard of care you are asking for. DO NOT RISK IT!

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Doctors and specialists in Mexico train for up to 7 years, many at the national college in Mexico City that was in operation for over 150 years before the USA even became a country. After completion of their medical training, all doctors have to perform a year of public service in a government clinic for repayment of their medical education.

Thousands of American and Canadian medical and dental patients take surgical or dental vacations every year to places and clinics geared for the medical or dental tourist.

Mexican doctors use the same equipment and materials ordered from the same catalogues as their colleagues in the USA but charge less due to having lower clinic, staff, and housing overhead. They are held to the same international standards for infection control as American doctors.

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