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well 1st..are you sure it's the liner?...if you are ..then here's one way...1st close the skimmer valves so the pump runs off the bottom drain only..and then just let the pool run..don't fill it and watch to see if and where the water stops going can let the pool go down as far as about a foot in the swallow end...if it stops going down...then just start looking all round the pool at about a inch or two above and below the water level...or with the pool, full they sell if you don't want to get into the pool, a neat little kit that fits on the end of your put a bottle of dye in it and pull a string and it shoots little bits of red dye'd shoot the dye by where you think you see a rip or must shut off your pump for a few hours to settle down the water first...good luck

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Q: How do you find a leak in an inground vinyl pool liner?
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How do I Find a leak in above ground vinyl pool liner?

One way to find a leak in a pool liner of an above ground pool is by using food coloring. When you add the food coloring in small amounts, you can see it leaving the pool through the leak.

If you have to add water every day could your inground pool have a leak?

Definitely has a leak! Best to put the snorkel on and try to locate the leak by looking for tears in the liner.

What is the easiest way to locate a leak in the bottom of a patterned vinyl inground pool?

I had a leak in the bottom of our gunite mosiac tile covered pool and was able to find it by lowering the water level to about 1 foot then dropping red dye slowly around the perimeter of the pool. The dye headed straight to the leak. We fixed the leak and have not had a problem since. To find a leak in a vinyl you can use the red dye,although the easiest thing to do is call your pool dealer and have them come and with a leak detector.Then use a clear patch or scrap piece of your liner(always cut in the shape of circle).

How do you Find a leak in a drained vinyl pool?


I noticed a circular hole approximately 1 inch in diameter in my inground pool vinyl liner that was not there yesterday. What caused it and how can I repair it?

Vinyl liner pools normally develop holes from some type of abuse, usually something is poked, jabbed, stepped on or scraped causing a hole. On rare occasions a seam can split open. Chemical abuse is another cause. To repair, YOU may try a vinyl liner repair kit from your local pool store or YOU may call a swimming pool leak detection company in your area.

How do you find a leak in the vinyl liner of an in ground pool?

Put a small amount of food coloring in the area of the pool you think is leaking and watch the food coloring disappear in the hole

How to find leak in vinyl liner water garden?

Try taking a sheet of plastic wrap around the edges on the inside suface. Maybe the suction from the leak will grab the sheet? Or try this: Throw in something of neutral buoyancy and see where it gets sucked to.

Do inground vinyl liners frequently float?

The liner should not float at all. The pressure or weight of the water is what holds it down. There has to be either a leak where water is getting under or behind it or maybe ground water is forcing it up. This is sometimesa problem in the southern states where the water table is closer to the ground surface.

Does a pool liner pad stop an existing leak?

The pool liner pad is placed underneath the pool liner to prevent items from cutting through the liner. If the liner is already leaking, the liner pad will not stop the leak.

If you have a leak in the main drain line in a vinyl inground pool do you have to fill in your main drain?

Most main drains for vinyl liner pools have a threaded port inside of the drain itself. This threaded port is used to plumb in the main drain. The easiest way to fix this is to swim down to the main drain, remove the grate, which is held on with two screws, COME UP FOR AIR, then screw in a threaded 11/2 plug into the port. This will stop water from leaking if the leak is in the line itself and not in the drain.

How do you find a leak in the liner of a 20x40 inground pool?

well I have the same issue as you ... I heard that by placing a pair of stockings at each end of the pool (shallow and deep)it should move toward the leak ... I just cut one pair of stockings in two ... still waiting for the outcome I just started it this evening ... good luck to you ...

What is the best way to find a leak in an inground pool?

with the use of skilled professionals to dive the pool and pressure test the lines

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