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First you need to watch how the other girl acts around other girls... you also might want to become a good friend of hers so you don't seem creepy when you do ask her out. If you want to be secretive you could find out if she has a facebook and ask her that way with an account that isn't your name? If you become her friend eather way you could just bring up the subject to find out... at least that's how I found out my best friend was bi.

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How do you catch a girl being a lesbian?

Find a lesbian, ask if you can pick her up, throw her, and catch her? I guess?

How can you ask her nicely if a girl lesbian?

Don't ask...... or just point to a random pretty girl and ask her what she thinks of that girl. you should be able to tell if she is lesbian by her answer

How do you find out if your girlfriend is lesbian?

If she says yes when you ask her or if she leaves you and get together with a girl, which also can mean she is bisexual. If she is a lesbian she would not be with you (if you are a male asking).

How can a guy tell if a girl he likes is lesbian or not?

The only way you can find out whether a girl is of a certain sexuality is if you directly ask them yourself.

What is lesbian on lesbian?

It is a girl on a girl

How do you get a girl to be a lesbian?

You can't get a girl to be a lesbian if she's not a lesbian.

What if a girl tell another girl she likes her?

Then that means that she is bisexual, or lesbian. This isn't a bad thing. I have a friend who is lesbian. When were at the mall, I just ask her, "hey, is she your type?"

How can you find a good man?

You dont have to, you can just find a good girl and be a lesbian

How can you find if a girl is lesbian?

The only way to know is for her to tell you.

Is every girl a lesbian?

No, every girl is not a lesbian.

How do you recognize a lesbian girl?

1.) ask a girl directly if she's a lesbian 2.) androgynous girl may sometimes turn out to be lesbian, so, masculine girls are potential lesbians (but it's not a guarantee!!) 3.) when you walk up into a gay bar and see all those girls: they're lesbian, or at least bi there, hope it helps.

What to say if a lesbian ask why you like girls?

If a lesbian asks you why you like girls she is fishing around to find out if you have lesbian tendencies. If you are not a lesbian simply tell her that you like girls only on a friendship basis and you are straight.

How can you find out if a girl likes you like you like her?

Ask and talk to the girl ,find out,ask a friend to ask her but dont be a stocker

I know a boy who says he's a lesbian what do i do?

He might actually be a trans girl who is a lesbian, which is fine. Ask him about this and support him if he says he is. If he is, in fact, a boy, he cannot and never will be a lesbian. Tell him that's offensive and immature. Only women may identify as lesbian.

On which websites can one find lesbian fiction?

One can find lesbian fiction on various websites like GoodRead and AutoStraddle. One could also go to a local comic book store and ask if they have lesbian fiction for sale.

What is lesiban?

Do you mean a lesbian? A lesbian is a woman(or girl) who likes another woman(or girl!).

How do you lesbian?

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

Which girl celebrity is a lesbian?

Ellen DeGeneres is lesbian

How do you no when a girl wants to kiss you and you are a girl?

This girl is a lesbian. If you are heterosexual then you have to very firmly tell her that you are not interested. Remember you always have the right to say no.On the other hand if you are also a lesbian then you have to ask yourself if you want this person to be your girlfriend. If you are not ready for such a relationship; then you need to tell her so.

If you hump a girl are you lesbian?

If you're a girl and you hump another girl, you might be bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian.

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