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The military is a type of trade school (except for the part where you sign your life away for the agreed amount of time). It can be a positive experience if you qualify. Air Force and Navy are better choices as the Army and Marines are often deployed. Also, look up trade schools in your phone book. There are many which offer to teach you skills for the work force. Try "technical school" or "trade school." Type the same information into the Google search engine plus your city and state, you should get plenty of trade school websites which can tell you alot about the classes they offer. Good luck!

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Q: How do you find a trade school?
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Where can I find information on a trade school online?

For a list of trade schools you can visit

Where can one find a school in the NYC area that offers training for ekg technicians?

You can find a school for ekg technician in

What should one consider when choosing trade school, over a university?

When choosing trade school, you must find out whether you can get a certified degree and the cost of obtaining it.

Can you go to a trade school for forensic nursing?

Not to a trade school but to a nursing school.

Where can I find a construction trade school?

Many construction trade schools are now online. ITT Technical Institute offers a construction trade school online that is accredited. Penn Foster and Phoenix (both online) also offer construction trade schools.

How old do you have to be to get into trade school?

w old do you have to be to get into a trade school

What is a local Trade School?

A local trade school is a trade school taht is within 50 miles of your home address.

What website can I use to find tuition information about online trade schools?

You can find tuition information for most online trade schools right on the college website. Find the main website for the school you intend to enroll in and then find the section for admissions.

Where can I find a good small engine repair school?

Contact your local board of education to inquire about where you can learn the desired trade or degree, and they will help you find a suitable school to do so.

What are the typical ways through which to find an apprenticeship?

A trade association, a vocational school, job posting..

Do lawyers go to trade school?

can you go to a trade school to become a lawyer

How do you find work as medical coder?

After high school you go to a community college or trade school and get the training. It should only take about 6-9 months to train and then you can use the placement office of the school to help you find a job.

Where does one go to school to learn to be a plumber?

You would need to find a trade school in your area to learn plumbing. Some plumbers do have apprenticeships, too.

What can I learn at trade school?

You can learn the required skills for properly practicing a trade, such as carpentry, based on the trade that a particular school offers.

What types of degrees are offered at a Trade School?

Associate and bachelor degrees are offered at a Trade School

When was West Virginia Trade School created?

West Virginia Trade School was created in 1917.

When was Manhattan Trade School for Girls created?

Manhattan Trade School for Girls was created in 1902.

Where can I find a dental hygiene school?

There are a lot of trade school that offers dental hygiene schools. Some of them are Concorde, Bryman School, American Career College, and Carrington College California.

Where can one find information on how to become an electrician?

You can find information on how to become an electrician at any local high school, any trade school, on the internet, asking an electrician or you could try your local library.

Is audio engineering school considered a trade school?

Any school which specificallly trains persons for specific careers is a trade school although they may call themselves by another name. If a school trains a person only to be an audio engineer it's a trade school.

Is trade school concerned college?

No trade school is not considered to be college. Trade schools specialize in providing training for vocational careers such as carpentry.

what is a trade school going to teach me?

It is hard to say what trade school will teach you. Depends what trade you are going into. That will determine what you will learn. So whatever trade you choose that is the subject they will teach.

How much does trade school cost?

Trade school is less than triple the amount that universities and colleges charge. What is being taken in trade school such as classes and other programs, will affect the amount.

Where is welding trade school?

The Best welding trade school is located in Anchorage Alaska. As for the next top welding trade school is in Logan Utah, at the university. So good luck to you in this field.

After High school then what?

College, trade school or work.